Home Entertainment Figueroa’s ex-girlfriend will confirm domestic violence she experienced

Figueroa’s ex-girlfriend will confirm domestic violence she experienced

Figueroa's ex-girlfriend will confirm domestic violence she experienced

Farina Chaparro assured that she would take legal action against the singer; He indicated that he had several videos as evidence.

Mexico.- farina chaparroMILF of ex girlfriend Jose Manuel Figueroa is willing to take legal action against singer after filtering Video In which Joan Sebastian’s son allegedly showed the abuse and humiliation of her.

model, which was exposed in about Controversial video in which he is seen crying and receiving hateful comments and insults, he assured that he would enter a domestic violence lawsuit.

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They are preparing a complaint against Figueroa

In an interview with Alfonso Arnes, Farina’s lawyer found that the model Will proceed legally against the singer With whom he had a short, but stormy relationship.

The legal representative of Figueroa’s ex-girlfriend told that the woman would complaint of facts. He also indicated that for a month they are working on the complaint That they would practice against a Mexican regional singer.

“all this time she is giving me test data For prove the condition of these facts. various in video, photo, whatsapp conversation. On Thursday or Friday of next week we will take her to the prosecutor’s office,” explained the lawyer supporting Farina Chaparro.

The model’s legal representative also reiterated that “Farina has more than 20 videos” She They Will Investigate Inter-Family Violence of which he was a victim.

toxic relationship

Jose Manuel Figueroa Went to media to respond to controversy after leak Video in which you see Farina is crying and with a jerk in the neck.

singers through show programs shared some recordings in which it is shown that “both they were in a toxic relationship“.

In Video of Joan Sebastian’s son, you see Farina is upset, screaming u attack on jose manel which shows it later will be upset To answer a call to your mother. In another, woman singer holds, Warning him that “he will only go on patrol.”

It should be noted that the relationship between farina chaparro u Jose Manuel Figueroa lasted a year and according to the lawyer from the very beginning they started presenting physical assault and acts of violence against the model.