Fernando Lozada: “Gansito” from “Acapulco Shore”

Mexico City.- Fernando Lozada Placeholder Image, Former participant “Acapulco Shore”, Honestly and recognizes that paternity was not something that “him” and he left The womb of his wife Trina He lived it without much encouragement.

However, everything changed when he heard that the first cry according to the account; Who went to him, who He doesn’t stop crying every time his son surprises him With a new progress in its development.

My wife calls me ‘Gansito’, Because he says that on the outside I look like this, all are tattooed, I ride a motorcycle and I’m different. I see him My son does something new and i cry a lotIn children’s films, everything. He sits and I cry, He stands and I cry; The next day he gave me a kiss and I started crying, I remember and my voice is cut off “, expresses Lazada with emotion.

Fatherhood was worth it …

Comment that Before lindro was born Did not feel paternity, Nor the curiosity of his wife Triana’s maternity process, but everything changed when she heard her first cry.

“I saw my wife with a belly and I saw her as constipated, this was the reality about ‘Look there is no child, how it happens’ I was worth ‘moms’ This My life changed when you saw it and heard it, Now my life revolves around that little person, whatever I do, my job, my house, everything belongs to him. ”

for the moment, Fernando Lozada is happy to share his paternity Via new reality show “Daddy Shore”, Which opens this Saturday and can be seen on the MTV Pay television channel.

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