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Fernando del Solar’s widow begins to ‘fight’ for his assets

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  • Almost a month after the death of Fernando del Solar, a ‘war’ would be about to break out
  • Anna Ferro, widow of the Argentine driver, begins to “fight” for his property
  • The main affected would be the children of Fer and Ingrid Coronado

What’s coming! Almost a month after the death of the Argentine driver Fernando del Solar at the age of 49 as a result of pneumonia, it is claimed that his widow, Anna Ferro, began to ‘fight’ for his property, with the main affected being the children of Fer and also the host and actress Ingrid Coronado.

It was the entertainment journalist Jorge Carbajal, through his program En shock, available on the Youtube of Producer 69, which announced that Anna was surprised to find out that her husband did not actually leave the house where she lives to her, but he left it to his children.

Fernando del Solar created a trust for his children

Fernando del Solar created a trust for his children

“It turns out that the problems have already begun and they are coming big,” journalist Jorge Carbajal began, without anyone imagining what would come next, since it was thought that things had turned out well between Ingrid Coronado, first wife of Fernando del Solar , and Anna Ferro, his widow.

“Fernando lived in Cuernavaca when his illness reached its limit, so she (Anna) had lived in Cuernavaca for a long time in a very large and very beautiful house that he and Ingrid Coronado bought. The two bought this house”, revealed the journalist, but this is just the beginning.

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