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Fernando del Solar: You confirm the death of the driver

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The entertainment world mourns after it was confirmed the death of driver Fernando de Solar aged 49.

The news was published by Venga la Alegría, a television show in which the actor and driver from Argentina, who had a career of more than 20 years in Mexico, participated for years. Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, is hospitalized in Miami. “It breaks our hearts to report the unfortunate death of our beloved Fernando del Solar in a brief statement. In addition to hosting, Fernando del Solar has taken part in soap operas such as Perla, Háblame de Amor and Un Nuevo Amor.

He also hosted Sexes en Guerra, Gánale al Chef, Hoy and Insomnia. Our former driver and friend died this morning at the age of 49. RIP 🕊🙏https://t.co/8ncnDGKzTO— Program Today (@programa_hoy) June 30, 2022 What was the cause of Fernando del Solar’s death? So far, neither his wife Ana Ferro nor other members of his family have spoken about it, so the cause of Fernando del Solar’s death at the age of 49 is still unknown. Sergio Sepúlveda explained that there was little information, but that Del Solar died in the morning while he was at home, accompanied by his wife. Just a few days ago, on June 12, Fernando del Solar announced his father’s death.

In 2012, Fernando del Solar was battling a cancer of the lymphatic system known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, from which he still had some episodes.

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