Fernando del Solar in wheelchair and with oxygen tank

The TV host was seen in the same hospital as Sylvia Pinal and Eric Del Castillo.

Mexico City.- fernando del solar reason anxiety after being caught reaching the hospital With oxygen tank and wheelchair in Mexico City. However, hours later, the driver left the hospital without giving details about his health.

What happened?

a Video Shown “Today” submitted in the morning Access to Dell Solar the same Hospital In which the first actress was Sylvia Pinal. The images intrigued Driver’s fans, as you can see for fernando with oxygen tank and wheelchair boundHowever, the program did not report on the health status of Argentina.

For its part, the program “Venga la Alegria” shared a video clip of Fernando del Solar leaving the hospital. This recording shows how Ingrid Coronado’s ex was interrogated, but he declined to make a statement.

floor rubio noticed that the driver is fine, but treatment of a condition.

“We were concerned about the image but we know it’s ok That he is dealing with a situation which he could not tell us at this moment, but we congratulate him,” the journalist said. shows in the morning of Aztec TV.

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