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Fernando Carrillo opened his OnlyFans account at the age of 56

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The actor Fernando Carrillo (Photo: Instagram/@ferrcarrillo)

Fernando Carrillo announced that he would open his account onlyfans at the end of July and recently promoted his profile in which he will show off his body at 56 years old. However, she ventured into producing exclusive content after getting rid of certain prejudices.

This was expressed in an interview with Televisa Showsbecause he mentioned that at first he believed that:

“It is really impressive and incredible the content that is produced on these platforms, but I had a mistaken concept, I thought that nothing else was put on triple X material and for… graphic but it is not like that, the biggest artists on the planet have their OnlyFans page, starting with Lady Gaga, that we love and admire her”.

This is what Fernando Carrillo's Only Fans profile looks like (Photo: onlyfans.com/fernandocarrillo)
This is what Fernando Carrillo’s Only Fans profile looks like (Photo: onlyfans.com/fernandocarrillo)

The OnlyFans platform consists of establishing agreements between content creators and subscribers, people who wish to do so must upload photos or videos on a monthly basis and only those who cover the cost can view it. Although images of any kind can be posted, those that are sensual, erotic and even sexually explicit predominate.

Although only your subscribers can see the posts, Fernando Carrillo He announced that it will be shown from different landscapes in his account, mainly those cities where his series are popular. According to your profile, the monthly cost to view it is $15 per month.

“The production has had an impressive excellence, a high audiovisual quality and we are going to be producing in places where my series have been successful and where they are currently repeating them, first we will go to Tulum (Quintana Roo)the most beautiful city in the world and then to Philippines”, he mentioned.

Some public figures who sell content on OnlyFans are Bella de la Vega and Tristan, the singer’s son Jahir; on the other hand, a few months ago Ninel Conde announced that she would open her account on this platform while La Bebeshita, a former MasterChef Celebrity participant, He assured that he would premiere it in 2022.

In addition, the former vedette Lyn May recently revealed that she would be willing to open her OnlyFans account, the exclusive content platform where people usually post sensual or even erotic photos.

The singer known as Babo de Cartel de Santa uses this platform as an escape from Instagram censorship, so he did not set a cost and view his full profile for free.

El Babo de Cartel de Santa offers its content for free (Photo: Instagram/@babo_cartel)
El Babo de Cartel de Santa offers its content for free (Photo: Instagram/@babo_cartel)

In his publications, Babo showed that he will use the platform as another social network, since he has shared both photos of his body and regular publications. “This is where you can do and say whatever your balls swell… #PPCDSALVC,” she wrote in her description of him.

Karely Ruiz and the millionaire earnings she would have in OnlyFans

Karely She is one of the Mexicans that earns the most income on the platform and at 22 years old she has already found an effective way to capitalize on your beautySo much so that modeling for OnlyFans has become her main source of income.

The young woman's main source of income is the OnlyFans platform (Photo: Instagram)
The young woman’s main source of income is the OnlyFans platform (Photo: Instagram)

“OnlyFans, more than anything, is to upload explicit content, but you can upload the content you prefer,” said the young woman and revealed that a subscription to her exclusive content has a cost of 16 dollars, about 320 Mexican pesos.

“I charge 16 dollars for the subscription, there are other girls who charge 32 or even 35 dollars, and I started charging 30 dollars, but seeing that many people thought of paying more money, I decided to lower the price to have more subscribers, “he said in the program the saga.


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