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Fer Vázquez: the premonitory dream that anticipated his delicate accident and the wink of fate that did not prevent the tragedyThe singer of Rombai recounts his emotional return to the stage with the Resilience Tour, reviews the days on the brink of death and talks about the relationship with his former partner, Agustin Casanova, and with his former partner, Emilia Mernes

Fer Vázquez alone with Teleshow

Fer Vazquez prepare every detail of the show rombai on October 29 at the Opera Theater with the same obsession with those who devised from his adolescent room in Montevideo the phenomenon of cumbia pop.

Less than ten years passed since that irruption with Marama that took them to the world’s stages and that ended with fights and lawsuits. A traumatic and frustrating experience, but that today he observes with a different perspective. And in that he had a lot to do with the accident that placed him on the verge of death, when the truck in which he was traveling suffered a crash, hit a pole and left him bedridden in a Miami hospital for two months.

It is a very special tour for the artist, within the framework of the world reconstruction of the post-pandemic scene and his own, a year and a half after the accident. Resilience Tour It is the name that was imposed by its own weight, to reflect a time that forced him to take an accelerated course in mental strength and in the self-conviction to look forward. “The problems are there, and a new one will always appear. You have to be with that positive energy and think that things are going to be better than before”, says Fer. And he uses his own story as an example.

The accident meant a change of perspectives in the life of a successful young pop singer. He began to value the little things in his life, those that he didn’t know were important until he no longer had them. Health, neither more nor less; also sing and make music. And he understood that each situation had a reason. And between revealing dreams and unwavering willpower, he managed to walk again in record time and felt a new rebirth: “If it happened to me, it’s because it had to happen to me, because I really needed to see things that perhaps I wasn’t taking into account,” he admits. .

Fer Vázquez talks about the accident that changed his life

The night before the accident, Vázquez had a dream that did not take long to interpret, to transform it into one of the engines for his recovery and the first link in a chain of revelations. He was traveling in the same car and in the same seat in which he would crash a day later. He still doesn’t know why, but suddenly he felt a great shock, a shock. He got out of the car without understanding what was happening and was relieved when he realized it was a nightmare.

When he woke up the matter was still going around in his head, and he communicated with Andrea, a woman with whom he performed meditation exercises. “I have a bad energy, I feel heavy and I would like to do something,” she told him. She suggested that he hold the consultation for Monday and do a remote energy cleansing, between Miami and Uruguay. She had to settle for that and at night she went out dancing with the bad vibes going around. He got into the car in the back and perhaps instinctively looked for another seat, but before starting some friends joined him who forced him to run to the place that destiny had marked for him.

The next thing Fer saw is how a car that ran a red light hit them, causing them to crash into a pole, centimeters from their position. Those centimeters that allow him to be here, telling his story, which at that time presented a not at all encouraging diagnosis: I ended up breaking seven vertebrae, my neck, my shoulder, my finger, I opened my whole arm. I split my head open. A clot formed in my leg, and they also analyzed whether to cut it off or not”, he lists with a naturalness that shudders, typical of a man who returned from the dead.

The musician woke up in the hospital with the burning of alcohol in the wounds. The doctors worked removing the glasses and at times he believed that he was still dreaming. But no, this time all those bad omens had just come true. As a reflex action, he took out his cell phone to call the friends who were traveling with him. “When I found out that no one had died, I fainted again. My head became calm and I disconnected from the world again, ”he recounts.

He awoke again to the screams from the bed next to him, penetrating his sleep, and he recognized the voice at once. “Pame, is it you?” She asked once, twice, five times, trying to confirm that she was one of the girls traveling in the car. No one answered her and a scream came from inside her. “Don’t worry, you and I are going to walk on the beach and we’re going to be fine, I promise you.” It looks like the script for a dramatic movie that was being shot in real time. “I felt in my heart a very great faith. And in fact, we both ended up walking on the beach, ”she justifies, spoiling part of the ending.

Back to the room Miami Jackson Hospital, the singer began to walk his healing path, a fragile and experimental balance between what his dreams dictated and the irremediable clash of reality. “I never felt like a victim,” he says. And with this countenance, he explains the winding road to recovery.

The first days in the hospital were spent in the nebula of morphine, the drug that relieved his pain and also made him fly. There he had another revelation, which he calls “the second crazy idea”, when four men in long robes approached him with a hopeful message: “In two months you will be fine.” Paralyzed in his bed, with half of his body broken, it was the news he wanted to hear, although his joy lasted only a moment. When the doctors arrived, they were informed of the picture and estimated a recovery of six to eight months. “How eight months? If they just told me two”, he faced them. The doctors looked in amazement at this young man they had just met and who they imagined to be delirious from the effects of the sedatives, and continued with their routine tour.

With this picture of the situation, Fer asked that they not supply him with more morphine. “I was so freaked out I was afraid I was going crazy,” he explains. He forgot about that episode until he went back to the hospital for a routine checkup. Again the eternal hours of waiting, that time in the room that he also taught her to look to the side and see that it could always be worse. That, deep down, he was grateful to be alive. Until he heard his name on the speaker. “Your recovery was fantastic from every point of view. We are not going to tell you that you can lead a normal life, but with physiotherapy for the shoulder and a couple of other things you can start playing sports”. And that? Was it a dream, a hallucination or was it reality? Fernando did not know how to react. He grabbed the cell phone, looked at the date and the calendar: it marked July 1, two exact months since the appearance of the four men in robes. “I understood that I wasn’t hallucinating, it was another message that gave me encouragement and helped me,” he explains.

“You knew everything was going to be alright. Did the doctors also know that everything was going to be fine or at some point was your walking again in danger?

-Danger. They did tests on me. Nobody told me that I was going to walk again from the first minute. No, it lasted a while. But although I had faith that I would walk again, I also told myself that, if I had to be in a wheelchair, I would do my best to face reality as it was.

—Has it ever happened to you to receive this type of messages like the one before the accident?

—It had happened to me several times, but maybe I didn’t pay so much attention to it. When I was looking for singers for Marama and I saw a video of Agustin (Casanova), I knew we were going to be the most important band in Uruguay. They are sensations, and sometimes you have to listen to yourself.

Fer Vázquez tells how the link with Agustín Casanova and Emilia is

—Did you see the potential for Marama and Rombai to be the rage they ended up being?

—I had a lot of desire and self-esteem to achieve the things we achieved. Each one had their different talents and we complemented each other, so we did a lot of things together. And I feel that together we had a more important force and that is why we were achieving more and more goals. Now the same thing happens: notice that the Argentine scene of new talents, the union is strength and each one puts their energy, their fan club.

Did they do very well financially?


“Did you save or what did you do?”

—I saved. In my house we were always very careful with that, nothing was missing, but nothing was left over either. We always had our feet on the ground with money management, and that is very important because today you may have money left over, but maybe tomorrow you may lack it.

—Well, I imagine that helped during the pandemic and the time you had to be a little bit saved because of the accident.

—Totally, because the music industry was stopped for almost two years and we were the last to join. But I can’t complain because I’ve done well with what I love and I never thought about the twine. The twine came as a result of all the creative and crazy things that I imagined. There was my focus, and the other came by itself.

—Do you remember what you did with the first important silver you won?

—I bought a mattress (laughs). The first time I went on tour I was 16 and I had a single mattress, obviously like every child, and I said: “Faaaa, my girlfriend falls, do you understand me? (laughs). We couldn’t sleep together! My parents wouldn’t let me either, but at least to take a nap. And I raised money on a tour and bought a two-seater mattress. Later I was able to set up my studio and buy my first car. Not a high-end one. but it was a nice car.

“Wasn’t there a need to help your parents?”

-Nope. In fact, I felt a little guilty for not contributing to the house, joining the pot. My old man wouldn’t let me, he wanted me to study and not pay so much attention to that part. But since I was 16, 17 years old I never asked them for money.

—Does it cost more to set limits for a teenager who has his own money?

-Nope. I was a responsible asshole and had a solid upbringing.

“Did you give them headaches?”

“Once I may have arrived drunk, but I’m not a guy who goes astray.

Fer Vázquez: “With the money from my first tour I bought a mattress”

The glory, and after

Things did not end well at all in that outpost of cumbia pop that conquered the continent from Uruguay. Fer sang in Rombai and was the musical brain behind Marama, the most popular group, led by Casanova. They shared stages, tours and even the dance floor. ShowMatchwhere they showed the first sparks.

What at first seemed to be a fun and even marketing fight, profitable in the musical environment since time immemorial, ended in millionaire lawsuits, court dates, love and affective breakups, and the irremediable sadness of dreams when they end.

—How was the legal situation with Marama and Agustín?

—The truth is good. Justice was never reached, but it could be resolved before and everyone is on his side. And today I look at it from a place of maturity and it goes well for all of us. Both those of us who were in Marama and those of us in Rombai. Agus is breaking it in Marama. Emilia Mernes he’s breaking it as a solo artist. Camila Rachman he is breaking it as a journalist in Uruguay. I’m still in Rome. I also have my personal achievements. And the rest of those who were part of it, who perhaps were not such an image or such leaders in the project, are also doing well.

“Did they call you after the accident?”

-Nope. But the situation doesn’t bother me either. We don’t have a close relationship for them to send me something. If you ask me if I would have done something else…

“But at some point they had a very close relationship. You were traveling together. With Emilia there was a romantic relationship. You were very serious…

—They didn’t, but I don’t judge them on that side either. I understand that each one is in his own and I understand that I also healed him completely. I don’t know what their situation is. I really do not know.

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