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Felicia Mercado confesses that Juan Gabriel made an insinuation to her boyfriend: “I was downloading it”

Felicia Market remembered his friend John Gabriel, but not exactly with a very pleasant experience, although it is fun. The actress herself confessed that Alberto Aguilera Valadez, artist’s first name, tried to get her boyfriend down.

“Friendly, super nice, but I arrived with a very handsome boyfriend and he was already taking it down for me, he didn’t take it down for me, he flirted with him and I said: ‘If my boyfriend pays attention to him, I don’t need him, he doesn’t suit me, if he likes being with Juan Gabriel and not with me, I think I’m in the wrong place, so I’d better step aside, but it wasn’t like that Felicia pointed out.

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And although they say that between joke and joke, the truth appears, the famous did not put any stop to the divo de Juárez and detailed why.

“No, no, what am I going to say to Juan Gabriel? Flirt with him all you want, if he leaves it is one thing, no. Juan Gabriel played and he liked it and well, we all have the opportunity to be in the game at the moment, like friends and food and drinking, because we all go to play and flirt, We had a good time and we had fun, but also Juan Gabriel was not stupid then happy and if they saw each other later, then it’s already their anger, and not mine “, he pointed out on the subject.

Of course, she has also been at times where other women have shown their attraction to her.

“Yes dear, lately there is the issue, so I have friends, I have many friends who have had to say: ‘I am your friend, I love you very much’, I have a friend of many years who is very often and tells me about her life and I say: ‘as long as you don’t mess with me and cross your hairline, we’ll still be lifelong friends’, and we are still friends, I like men, “concluded the actor.


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