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Federica Quijano, from Kabah, denounces cyberbullying against her daughter: “Very unfair and vile”

federica quijanogroup member kabahdenounced an Internet user who is harassing her daughter, Maria, on social media with offensive messages.

“I find myself not angry, furious and what follows, disappointed. I don’t know how if someone wants to affect me directly, it is very unfair and vile that they go against your children”, the singer shared with her followers through a live in their networks.

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“I am going to show you the stories that this person sent to my daughter and surely her anger is going to be the same or worse than mine,” said Federica before showing some messages where the Internet user offends Maria for being adopted.

Then, with an annoyed tone, Federica pointed out that “I’m going to do everything I can to make this person apologize to my daughter, because not only did he write that to a minor, he also wrote to me saying that his niece had written it… Have the pants to say ‘Yes it was me’ and never insult my children again!!”.

After her complaint on social networks, the singer linked up with the program First hand to tell How is the case progressing?

“Angry, a little disappointed because it is very easy to put a face on someone online and humiliate my work, humiliate what I do or don’t do, but I won’t allow them to humiliate my children, not today or ever” Federica said.

Quijano revealed that he has already taken legal action: “I already filed the complaintthey are seeing it in the part of science and technology by the commission, I am seeing support with the police and following up on the issue, the account is being searched ”.

I’m doing everything legally possible because that’s jail; Today, violating the rights of a minor, psychologically violating her, is abuse and is punishable, “he added.

Likewise, the singer stated that “we are tired of cyberbullying to our children and that is why I said: ‘I am not going to remain silent’; if it’s about my children, like a lioness I’m going to defend them from whoever she is. So I’m not going to let this happen, I’m going to go all the way and I’m going to find it.”.


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