Home Entertainment Fátima Molina denies her neighbors, denies having taken out their belongings

Fátima Molina denies her neighbors, denies having taken out their belongings

Fátima Molina se defiende

The actress denied having used her influences to take away her belongings and even assured that “almost everything is lost.”

MEXICO CITY.- Fatima Molina was designated as “gandalla” by one in all his neighbors from the constructing in Coyoacán that this previous August 16 exploded after a build-up of gasoline. Nevertheless, the actress used her social networks to fend.

“ANDor I have not moved or used ‘my influences’ to get my things of the apartment in which he lived as a person I do not know says, and obviously he does not know me, “he wrote on Instagram.” I have taken what the authorities allowed me like many other neighbors. I have entered the apartment alone only with the prosecution and expertise, no one else. Always with the protocols that they indicate to us, “added the actress.

This assertion was issued in response to the phrases of Alfredo Segura, neighbor of the actress, which assured that the day the authorities gave the homeowners entry to enter the constructing that suffered critical injury, for his or her belongings, the actress abused of the chance and entered a number of instances to take out, not solely important gadgets, but additionally furnishings and shows, taking the chance for others to move.

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Fatima claimed to lose all the things

Fatima additionally acknowledged that there was no group throughout the first two days of the accidentSince all of the neighbors acquired totally different directions from the authorities, she assured that, opposite to what her neighbors identified, she didn’t enter the constructing a number of instances as a result of “she would never bypass an authority.”

“I have had to see how more people have been able to get more things because they are in good condition and because the authorities allowed them to do so. In my case, everything is almost lost like most of the inhabitants of my tower and I do not have exact information yet on what will happen, “stated the actress.

Within the property, situated at quantity 1909 on Avenida Coyoacán there are three towers of buildings, the primary named “Torre Roble”, the place the accident occurred, on the second ground. That is the place the “Do you remember me” actress lived.

The steadiness of the accident was accounted for at the very least 29 folks have been injured and one deceased.

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