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“Fate will let me know what’s coming”


A week after the reappearance on television of her grandmother, Mirtha Legrand, who was off-screen since the beginning of the pandemic, and only participated in her program sporadically, Juana Viale starred this Saturday in a emotional closing of the year in The Night of Mirtha.

On a special evening, Juanita he admitted that he could not believe the “amount of personalities that passed” by the shipment. Later, couldn’t help but be moved, and that some tears fell to him, when he read a message that they prepared especially for him.

“This beautiful cycle that moved a lot ends. What will happen next year? I do not knowAnd I’m not interested either because fate is going to let me know ”, he stated on the screen of El Trece. What he did specify was a tour of Uruguay in 2022, with the play “El Ardor”.

Prior to that statement, when the traditional dinner ended with the review of the best moments of the year, the host and actress was surprised by a bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a text signed by, among others, his brother Nacho Viale, producer of the program. “I already cry without knowing what it is,” he anticipated.

&Quot;I Fell Here, As They Say, By Magic. I Am Eternally Grateful,&Quot; Said Juana Viale.

“I fell here, as they say, by magic. I am eternally grateful,” said Juana Viale.

And she started reading, her voice cracking and her eyes clouded over. “Juana, two years ago we went looking for help in the face of the scourge that the world still lives today. The program had to continue, that was your grandmother’s will ”, the story began.

The Juanita’s emotion during the reading did not yield for a moment: “We found help and today we have a driver who is constantly evolving and leading the way. Your growth fills us with pride and is deserved. How cute are the barks, you are riding”.

“We love and thank you, wherever we will be together, always. Nacho, Diego and all of Storylab. Thank you ”, he completed the message, while the artistic producer Mariano caprarolaOne of tonight’s guests was wiping his tears with a napkin, and the actress Verónica Llinás, by his side, approved with an “epic your thing, as they say now.”

At the table were also the actors and directors Luciano Cáceres and Nicolas Stupenengo, who also approved gesturally each one of the words expressed in the text.

As Usual, Juanita Wore A Gino Bogani Model In The Last Show Of The Year.

As usual, Juanita wore a Gino Bogani model in the last show of the year.

“One is a protagonist or one more participant and none of this can be without the guests, the production, ‘Jime’ in the kitchen, ‘Agus’ with the dressing room that lights the candles for me. The production team, the technicians, the cameras … People with more experience who teach me how to do this. I fell here, as they say, by magic. I am eternally grateful”, Completed the driver.

In addition, he pointed out: “I only have words of gratitude to all my guests, always because it is difficult to coordinate an agenda and sometimes they have done crazy things to be here. I respect everyone, that they can tell you what they want. I am grateful for life ”.

The comebacks of Mirtha Legrand

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Juana Viale was in charge of the program in replacement of Mirtha Legrand, who had two participations in her program since that opportunity.

The first appearance occurred at the end of December 2020. After being completely isolated for several months, the 94-year-old driver closed the year at the head of her cycle.

Then, he took the reins of the “Mesaza” again on August 28, 2021, when Juana Viale traveled to Paris to accompany her daughter Ámbar and on her return she had to comply with mandatory isolation.

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