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Fascinated with “Clara Sola” at Cannes

Fascinated with

Cannes applauds Nathalie Alvarez Messen’s film

CANNES (EFE) .- A debut feature, “Clara Sola”, and excited applause for its director, Costa Rican and Swedish Nathalie वाlvarez Messen, who saw a parallel segment of the Cannes Festival, at its premiere in the Directors’ Fortnight. How the film came to the public as a “magic”.

At the end of the screening an assistant told the filmmaker, “It has had a healing effect on me.”

“Clara Sola” explores sexuality and spirituality. Its protagonist, Clara (Wendy Chinchilla), is a 40-year-old woman who is highly protected by her family because of her intellectual limitations, but explodes as well. She manages to free herself from conventions, although the path is difficult and its end is opened by the director’s own will.

“Growing up I didn’t have much room to talk about fantasies or desires and I wanted the character to get the freedom he wanted,” the director told the audience, who Selecting Camara d’Oro with this film. Best First Feature Award from Cannes

For the chinchilla it is also her first film: “I am a contemporary dancer, I have never been in a movie or a play. I was afraid to speak on stage, but with Nathalie everything was easy because we had a very strong relationship from the very beginning, ”he said.

The Directors’ Fortnight is an independent section of the Cannes Festival created in 1969 and aims to present an autobiography. In this edition, which takes place from 7 to 16 July, it also stars Manuel Nieto Zas of Uruguay, who will accompany his third feature film, “The Employee and the Boss”, or Brazilian Anita Rocha da Silveira, which will premiere. . “Medusa”.


Yesterday’s programming featured Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin offering unprecedented access to their mother and daughter’s relationship in “Jane for Charlotte”, a documentary that premiered behind the camera for the former, but also a gift that gave itself has been made .

Singer and actress, daughter of the icon of the French “chanson” Serge Gainsbourg, who is raised around the world for songs such as “Je taime moi non plus”, declares love to Birkin that the shame of one and the other held back until was.

With this documentary presented in the new Cannes premiere segment, Charlotte was looking for answers.

The red carpet received significant figures yesterday, among them Matt Damon, Tilda and Honor Swinton and Paz Vega, who dazzled when they arrived at the event.