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Farah Abraham, former ‘Teen Mom’ star, charged with battery after nightclub brawl in January

Farah Abraham, a former Teen Mom OG Star has been charged with battery after being arrested in January.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court, Abraham will be produced at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on Thursday.

Abraham, 31, was arrested in January on rape charges following an incident at a Hollywood nightclub. The reality star was taken into custody after allegedly slapping a security guard at the club and restaurant Grandmaster Recorder in Hollywood.

Despite appearing on the court’s calendar, Abraham’s lawyer issued a statement on Wednesday claiming that no charges have been filed against him.

“The Law Office of Dario C. Gomez, Esq., on behalf of our client Ms. Farah Abraham, wishes to clarify that no charges have been filed to date against Ms. Abraham in connection with the incident at Grandmaster Records. January 15, 2022 to,” Gomez claimed in a statement shared on Abraham’s Instagram story. “This is because Ms. Abraham has committed no crime, and is, in fact, the victim in all of this, not only of physical and emotional injury, but of reckless investigation by the security staff at Grandmaster Recorder and the mass media.”

The statement continued, “Our office is currently investigating this incident further and in the process of pursuing any and all remedies available to Ms. Abraham for the physical and emotional damage caused to our client as a result of this unfortunate incident.” Is.” “We are confident that the truth will come out and Ms. Abraham will get the justice she deserves.”

farah abraham
Farah Abraham/Instagram

Abraham alleges, with her lawyer’s statement, “Legal notice. I will no longer be bothered about the horrific beatings clearly seen in the videos and photographs, of my doctors misusing their uniforms by the security staff, and property To attack me would have to rehabilitate myself from illegal activities and against my will.”

“I will not proceed as ordered by my doctors because of my mental condition as I had to move and go to the trauma center,” claimed Abraham.

Following the controversy in January, Abraham addressed the incident on his Instagram and shared a video of the arrest, in which he said it was a “conspiracy” attack against him.

Abraham, who recently enrolled at Harvard Extension School to earn her law degree, said at the time that she was looking forward to her court date, where she was sure justice would be served.

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