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Fantastic defense of singing and fighting bulls in Mexico

Andrés Calamaro showed off two of his most typical faces during a rendition he gave in Mexico City on Wednesday night. On the one hand he told his people their best musical version, for another, He returned to utter controversy by defending bullfighting at all costs.Discipline that may be prohibited in the capital of a North American country.

In the city where, for the first time, “as a boy”, he took part in a bullfight, he left his message: “The bulls must always be in Mexico, let’s not allow them to close the monument (plaza) to Mexico. If necessary, we all go to the main entrance of the square,

Calamaro, an amateur, passionate and even bullfighting photographer, is a friend of many bullfighters, such as the Spanish Jose Antonio Morante de la Puebla. That’s why he became fully involved in the controversy that led to an initiative by the Animal Welfare Commission of the Mexico City Congress late last year with a draft decree that would, if approved by the plenary , then they will be banned. Bullfight in the capital.

,We cannot allow a ban on bull fighting here, Neither politics, nor ideology, nor opportunism. Long live in Mexico!”, shouted the artist.

This was not the first time that Calamaro sided with bullfighting. In 2017, for example, in an interview with Worldfrom Spain, ironically, may have been part of a demonstration against bull fighting “The Conspiracy of Dog Food Manufacturers”,

Andrés Calamaro presented the exhibition "Davenir Toro" in Madrid in 2021, with photographs taken by himself.  Photo Marshal/EFE

Andrés Calamaro presented the exhibition “Davenir Toro” in Madrid in 2021, with photographs taken by himself. Photo Marshal/EFE

Furthermore, contrary to the view of his opponents, he considers that discipline to be an art: “I think it is overwhelming that there is a jury on the Internet as to what is art and what is not. As if we had heard as much music as painting. And to say in the form of literature that bullfighting is not art. Who says that? Picasso? No. Orson Welles? Neither. Jose Bergamin? Manuel Chaves Nogales? Ernest Hemingway? None of them say that and neither does Salvador Dali. And they learn about art”,

In a particular definition, in 2019 Calamaro said that bullfighting “It is the sublime ensemble between the human will and the morphological species”,

“May they be born alive in the field and die in the square as the chosen ones”On that occasion concluded his mystery of specialty.

Andres Calamaro shone in Mexico City and defended bullfighting.  photo Mario Guzman/EFE

Andres Calamaro shone in Mexico City and defended bullfighting. photo Mario Guzman/EFE

show in mexico

With reviews of 23 songs, which He began with “Bohémio” and closed with the classic “De Music Lite”, a tribute to his late friend Gustavo Cerrati.Calamaro stunned his fans, who did not stop singing with him until the end of the song, the third of his four concert tour in Aztec country.

“Playing in Mexico is always exciting”He expressed after the first songs, when a shirt from the Mexican football team fell at his feet.

“Now more than ever brothers, we’re going to the World Cup together, we’ll see!” He said, remembering that Argentina and Mexico will share Group C in Qatar 2022.

“There’s no one better than Mexico City!” Calamaro articulated the song “My Illness”, followed by “The Plain”, “Maradona”, “Perfect Crime”, “Your Always” and “Health, Money and Love”. Of which he admitted: “I wanted to do ranchera, but I was not qualified to do so”.

Later, more classics followed: “Estadio Azteca”, “You Can Live on Love”, “El Salmon”, “Flaca”, “Paloma” and “Alta Dirty”.

After kissing the stage floor several times after a false farewell, former members of Los Abuelos de la Nada returned from their stage in Los Rodriguez at full speed with “sin documents”. Finally, they concluded with the song “Los Chicos” and Soda Stereo, with which they paid tribute to Cerrati.

In early April, Calamaro arrived in Mexico to perform in the cities of Monterrey (April 1), Queretaro (April 3), Mexico City (April 6), and would do so in Guadalajara (April 8).

In 2021, the singer published the album “Dios los Crea”, in which he took some of his hits with famous artists such as “Bohemia” with Julio Iglesias; “Your Always”, with Vicentico; “Aztec Stadium”, with Leila Downs; “Flaca” with Alejandro Sanz; “Play With Fire”, with Raphael and “Tantus Vess”, with Mon Laffert.

With information from EFE


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