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Fantasia on ‘The Color Purple’, marriage and what she would have done differently during ‘Idol’ (exclusive)

Fantasia on 'The Color Purple', marriage and what she would have done differently during 'Idol' (exclusive)

The singer and actress opens up about those subjects, and others, in her book 'No Crowns in the Castle.'

It’s hard to believe that Fantasia Barrino had to be convinced to join the cast of Blitz Bajavule’s upcoming film purple colour Movies. Yes, she is now excited about reprising her role of Seely but initially the hesitation was strong and very real.

The singer/actress and her husband, Kendall Taylor, 37, sat down with ET for an in-depth chat about their upcoming movie, their new marriage advice book, and the show that launched almost 20 years ago to stardom. First, purple colour, The film is three months into production and Fantasia says she has to learn a few things for the film – like tap dancing and squeezing her busy schedule into date nights with her husband.

2004 American Idol The winner is now more than happy with her heavy schedule, but she came so close to closing the door on occasion. And her experience — both personally and professionally — during her time on the Broadway musical from 2006 to 2007 was almost to blame.

“My life was everywhere at the time,” Fantasia says of playing Sealy for almost nine months. “So, carrying Sealy’s weight and my weight wasn’t fun. And I remember in interviews and on radio stations, when they asked me, I said, ‘Okay, I did it, but I’ll never do it again. I won’t.”

Enter Scott Sanders, one of purple colourThe producers of Who called Fantasia about the role, but they had already prepared their answer.

“‘I can’t go back, I can’t do this again, Scott'” Fantasia recalled telling Sanders. “And he says, ‘Listen, I know where you are in your life right now. I see you’re married. I’m so proud of you and I’m so happy. But, there’s no one else who can.’ Can. This. We need you to do this.”

Suffice it to say, Fantasia, which won a Theater World Award for her Broadway performance, is now happy that she has come on board.

“It’s going to be absolutely amazing,” she says. “I’m glad I didn’t let that door shut. I talked it over with my whole family and everyone kept saying, ‘I think you should do this.'”

being on the set of purple colourslated to release in 2023, is also triggering a roller coaster of emotions.

“It’s been tough on set, it’s been funny on set, it’s been emotional on set, it’s cold, it’s hot,” she says. “I would also say – some of the places we’re filming are heavy, because literally we have slave homes that are years behind us. We can feel our ancestors. So, it’s heavy. But It also reminds us that he paved the way for us. It also reminds us that – to have an all-black cast – how much we want to make heaven for our ancestors and today’s generation.”

Fantasia and Taylor tied the knot in the summer of 2015, never mind that they said “I do” after only knowing each other for three weeks. But even after so many years, their marriage has not only lasted. It’s flourishing, and he uses his life experiences in a new book — No crown in the palace: building a strong relationship and a harmonious life — out now.

“We want to see people flourish, you want to see love conquer,” Fantasia says. ,[But] We always tell people we’re not trying to be professionals, and say we went to school for anything. We are just sharing our testimony.”

Taylor says the book is as honest as it gets.

“It’s so honest that we didn’t let the crying out during the audio book,” quipped Fantasia. “And we were asked. I was like, ‘No, so what?’ You can hear me crying, you can hear me sniffing. Shouldn’t it be?”

with American Idol As its 20th anniversary nears, Fantasia looks back on its time. But she’s also been open about how, Season 3. after winning imageThe music industry took advantage of that. Knowing what she now knows, Fantasia says that creating a strong nucleus around her would be first and foremost.

“I was very young then, but I wish I had a team of people who really cared about me,” she said. “Being so young and being so green, knowing nothing about the industry, you really need a team of people to show you the way and not just think about what they can do with it. Can achieve. Maybe that’s what I would have done differently. Plus, everything I did with all these things made me the woman I am today.”

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