Fans believe Joy Behar overshadowed Meghan McCain: “The sign is perfect now”

While talking about Abby Huntsman’s surprise return to “The View”, Joy remarked that she felt the panel was “perfect”.

Made Joy Béhar just drop a subtle diss directed to Meghan McCain? The ladies of View watched the show to celebrate its 25th season, and on the Friday November 19 episode, the women welcomed the former co-host Abby Hunter back to table. While discussing what Abby has been up to since leaving the show, she also mentioned how the show has changed since leaving.

Abby, 35, is gone View in January 2020 after two years. At the time, she said she was leaving to be her father’s helper Jon Huntsman’s gubernatorial campaign in Utah. She explained why she left in an Oct. 28 podcast interview, where she claimed the show had a “toxic” and “unhealthy” environment. “At that time there were executives in charge and I felt we were kind of players in this game and it was about the money and it was about the audience and the tabloids,” he said. she declared.

In Friday’s appearance, she mentioned executives and other colleagues who made her time difficult, without naming names. “There were tough days, and there were executives here back then, and people here back then, that made too many of my days too tough, but they all left, and you lived. a lot of that with me., “she said.

Fans Believe Joy Behar Overshadowed Meghan Mccain: &Quot;The Sign Is Perfect Now&Quot; - Light Home News
Joy mentioned that she missed some frames that left the show. (ABC / Lou Rocco)

While Abby mentioned that she thought most were gone, Joy interrupted her to note that she had missed a few frames. “I miss some of them. I do. I miss some of them,” Joy said, before dropping what some people thought was a little shadow to Meghan. “I don’t miss – I want to say, the sign is perfect now. ”A few fans thought the comment was a hit on Meghan, and a few other fans just thought it was a fabulously shady remark.

While there’s no absolute way to tell if Joy, 79, intended to overshadow Meghan, 37, this isn’t the first time fans have believed the comedian was making a sneaky remark about the former co-host. In an interview on September 15 with Reese Witherspoon, fans thought Joy, mentioning that everyone was getting along “right now”, was referring to her former colleague.

Fans Believe Joy Behar Overshadowed Meghan Mccain: &Quot;The Sign Is Perfect Now&Quot; - Light Home News
Meghan has expressed her negative feelings about her participation in the series. (Jim Ruymen / UPI / Shutterstock)

Since his departure View in August, Meghan shared her feelings about her stint on the show. In his memories Bad republican, Meghan called the show a “toxic work environment” and explained how much it hurt when Joy said she “didn’t miss it” when she was on maternity leave. Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, and Sunny hostin all answered questions about Meghan’s claims about the show’s environment. Whoopi and Sara both seemed to avoid drama when someone interviewed them as they left the show. Sunny mentioned that she “didn’t experience it the way she did” in a Nov. 12 interview with The cup. “No one can say she hasn’t experienced it that way because it’s hers. I didn’t see it that way. I did not experience it like her. But I’m going to defer to her that she experienced it like that, ”she said.

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