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Fans Ask Him To Insult Him Like His Succession Character And He Doesn’t Know What To Do

in the series successionScotsman Brian Cox plays Logan Roy, the billionaire founder of media and entertainment conglomerate Westar Royco. And there is no doubt that the best compliment a film or television actor can get is that people connect with his fictional character.

The only bad thing is that sometimes even fans get fascinated by a specific phrase, and they ask the actor for it if they come across him in real life. One of the last cases of this blessing and curse at the same time is precisely the hero of succession,

Actually the phrase is nothing special. It’s not even a sentence. It’s an insult A “Fuck you!” Said so loudly that the sensation spread among the followers of successionOne of the great successes of the past four years is one that still generates oral recommendations today.

Brian Cox from the series Succession.  Photo: HBO Max

Brian Cox from the series Succession. Photo: HBO Max

fed up and uncomfortable

Brian Cox is not afraid to admit that he is fed up with the requests of his fans. He says he spends his time listening to people tell him to fuck them, “and it’s not the easiest thing for people to do.”

The 76-year-old actor said in a panel discussion ahead of the last Emmy Awards: “It’s weird. It’s not the easiest thing to do. I remember it started when I was on stage in New York playing a former US president.” One day I went out on the street and there was a really cute couple who told me to fuck me while I was filming. It’s unusual!”

He also recalled another unusual anecdote: “The worst thing happened once in Los Angeles, when I went to a meeting with Ronan Farrow about a matter related to the #MeToo movement and a book they were launching. It was full of Hollywood women. And it was a very intense debate. Suddenly one of them recognized me and told me to send them to hell. And I asked them to remember that it was a #MeToo meeting. And it didn’t feel right because they can cancel me.”

about the series

succession series.  Photo: HBO Max

succession series. Photo: HBO Max

Recently, just last month. followers of succession, which are many, was good news: The fourth season is already underway. Its showrunner Jesse Armstrong confirmed that it was “almost” finished.

While attending BAFTA TV, Armstrong expected a few details from a group of reporters: “We’re almost finishing the new season,” he said. I mean, how will things continue in the Roy Clan…

Armstrong also described the working process. “We write and we do it here in London, so American writers come in. I always have some ideas that can be approached, but they talk about the nuances of a character and the world the show sees.” There are many nice people to do.

Armstrong also clarified that he still has no clear date for closing the series. Keeping in mind the normal ending to the programme. “I don’t think it should last forever … and so far we’re having a lot of fun doing it,” he said.

Brian Cox from the series Succession.  Photo: HBO Max

Brian Cox from the series Succession. Photo: HBO Max

succession With ratings improving each year, HBO remains a huge hit, and always comes out as one of the favorites in the Emmy race.


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