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Famous Mexican actor affirms: I am a transsexual woman but not homosexual

For years, Armando Palomo he was recognised as an actor who had excelled as a villain. On the other hand, in 2001 he determined to surgically adjust his sexual intercourse and make general public his new identity as a transsexual female who is now identified as freedom pigeon. However, this condition prompted controversy, because the well-known person was married to a female and they ongoing their romantic romance. Now, he describes almost everything about his problem.

“I’m chatting about a scenario. I am a transsexual woman for the reason that I found out that I was, but I’m not homosexual,” Palomo defined to the Mexican tv program The minute that improved my future (Imagen Television set). “Inside of my lifestyle there was also a ton of confusion due to the fact I said ‘I see myself as a girl’, but I do not like men.”

The interpreter of Laisa in the cleaning soap opera The Sanchezes for the very first time he speaks overtly about his private method and uncovered his affliction at the age of four, but he experienced to keep silent about it for several years. “When I started off noticing selected issues in my everyday living that did not match up, which was this gender dysphoria,” she explained. “Staying a boy who failed to sense comfy being a person, my refuge was football, sports activities, songs. I feel that is what saved my lifestyle. I know that there are various stories in the planet. In transgender people I have listened to matters incredibly unfortunate, pretty regrettable.”

Libertad Palomo assures that these who reside in a situation like hers must be revered and check out to understand them. Now, she confesses that she is delighted with her physical problem. “It is really cruel to hurt people out of ignorance, for the reason that that is why we destroy, you see a cockroach, you see it, you get rid of it, what did the cockroach do to you, what did the scorpion do to you, ‘ah, the scorpion scares me’, then Due to the fact of my fears I go and kill a woman, I go and get rid of a transsexual due to the fact it scares me, I am viewing one thing I never like, so dig inside by yourself and remedy your personal fear since concern is ignorance before heading and hurting other individuals ” , he concluded.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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