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‘Family Ties’ Michael Gross on Michael J Fox’s Rise to Fame and the real reason the show ended (exclusive)

Michael Gross opening his time family relations, ET’s Kevin Frazier talks to the 74-year-old actor as part of Entertainment Tonight’s Iconic TV Dad’s Week, and the sitcom’s mentor interviewed Michael J. Seeing Fox’s fame remembered.

“I remember walking into the mail room and finding these gobs of mail from pre-teens saying, ‘This is our guy.’ he was the first back in the futureGross said of Fox’s 1985 film. “You just said, ‘Oh, this is an event… it’s exciting. [He’s a] Young, cute, funny, handsome, non-threatening guy that girls are going to love.’ And he did.”

Despite the actor’s complete success, Fox’s TV dad, who starred as Steven Keaton in the series, said the young man never changed who he was.

Of Fox starring as Alex P. Gross said, “It was incredible to see that transformation, not the least of which was Michael himself. Michael knew he was important, he knew.” was that he had struck gold, but nothing changed.” Keaton on the show. “…we all knew it was a big deal, but Michael was the same humble, wonderful person.”

“He knew from the beginning that family relations It was all possible. He didn’t immediately pull off the play and said, ‘I’m out of here,'” he continued. “… Michael never forgot where he came from. he knew he owed something family relations, so there was no drag of rank, it was not like, ‘I am a big shot and the rest of you are not.’ He was as good as gold and as easy to work with as ever.”

Gross also praised her other onscreen child, Justin Bateman, saying that her role of Mallory Keaton was “the biggest stretch” among the cast.

“She was anything but dumb, anything but stupid, and she played such an airhead person,” Gross explained. “Justin, extremely bright, extremely creative, a real head on her shoulders, and to me, she was the furthest in terms of the cast she was portraying in real life.”

Gross said he keeps up with Fox and Bateman “to an extent,” largely via social media, though he’s still very close to Meredith Baxter, who played his wife Alice Keaton on the series.

“Meredith and I were both 35 when we met … we’ve known each other for 40 years and we’re still friends,” he said. “Actually, we’re having a play together in July … We love working out together. We love each other.”

family relations
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As for the series’ enduring success, Gross admitted that it was something he never thought would happen.

“You live in fear that you’ll be canceled after the first 13, or the pilot won’t even be picked up… and then it’s picked up for 13, and then you live in fear that it will win.” Won’t get picked up for past 13, and then he did. And then you think, ‘Okay, it’s going to be canceled after a year.’ And then it wasn’t,” he said. “And then seven years later, we did about 175 episodes.”

According to Gross, the race for the series ended simply because of the age of the children, which he called “a built-in time bomb”.

“At the end of the sixth season, the producers came up to us and said, ‘We’re only doing one more season.’ [We asked,] ‘Why? We are a hit. [They said,] ‘Well, because it’s getting harder and harder for us to make up stories. We are running out of stories. We’ve got Alex P. Keaton, we took him to high school, college, graduate school. He wants to conquer the world. He’s still staying at home with mommy and daddy! It doesn’t make sense,” recalled Gross. “So, we ended after seven years.”

Throughout the incredible experience, Gross said, “he didn’t appreciate it when it was happening.”

“You’re working a job and you’re having a great time. I was surprised, however, at the number of people who responded by saying, ‘I wish I had a father like you. I wish I had a family like you.’ ,'” They said. “… there’s some tough shit going on in American homes and I used to think, ‘Wow they need us.’ I understood that we became iconic because he needed us. He needed us to show him the way. To this day… I would have dad come and say, ‘I learned to be a father watching Steven Keaton.’

Despite such fan interactions, Gross told ET that he doesn’t know whether he has “earned” the title of being an iconic TV dad.

“I think the writing earned it, to be honest with you. All I did was deliver some pretty amazing lines,” he said. “…I’m glad to know that I’ve been coveted in some way, shape or form. I attribute it to some incredible writing and a great ensemble cast… It was something that attracted the whole family.” did.”

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode of Entertainment Tonight for more ET interviews with Gross. Watch the video below for another interview from ET’s iconic TV Dads Week.

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