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Family of Vicente Fernández assured that litigation continues against Televisa for the “illegal bioseries”

The Fernández Family carries out several legal actions against Televisa by series (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file)

Between claims that have lasted for several months, the Fernández family assured that the legal actions against Televisa by bioseries The Last King: The Son of the People They continue their course and are not arrested as some media outlets mentioned this Tuesday.

Through a statement published on Chente’s official Instagram account, the lawyers Del Toro and Carazo who are taking the case against the television station, specified that the litigation is still active.

“Everything related to the IMPI (Mexican Institute of Industrial Property) is coordinated by the recognized and specialized office of Dr. Mauricio Jalife, an office that confirms that litigation for administrative infraction continues.”

They detailed that they appeared before said institute 12 different measurement requests provisional for the unauthorized use of trademarks, as well as copyright.

(Photo: screenshot/Blim)
(Photo: screenshot/Blim)

In all cases they were granted and “the legitimacy of the Mrs. María del Refugio Abarca widow of Fernández, as universal heiress and holder of the rights registered before the IMPI and INDAUTOR”.

They pointed out that infringement requests were filed, which are not the claims for damages that were reported in some media this August 16, before the IMPI. This situation is what some would have confused with the fact that the lawsuit ended, however, it does not proceed because the infraction that was presented to the lawsuits is different.

“In these processes the litigation continues […] it will be verified that the legitimacy of Mrs. Abarca was already fully accredited”

Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita Abarca (Photo: Instagram/@_vicentefdez)
Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita Abarca (Photo: Instagram/@_vicentefdez)

It was emphasized that it is completely false that the IMPI discarded procedures due to lack of documents proving cuquita coverswidow of the interpreter of By your damn loveas the legitimate heir to request infractions, since this was proven from the request for precautionary measures.

“Of the 12 procedures, the IMPI incorrectly rejected some (which are already being challenged), but admitted others under identical conditions.” This means that some of the documents presented initially were rejected but later the same papers were presented again, without changes, and were admitted. Even so, they will continue with the pertinent actions.

Regarding accusations against Televisa in civil matters, another office specialized in it is working on it and for strategic reasons they did not give more information. However, they said that similar to what happens in criminal matters (where there is an investigation involved) as well as in relation to gender media violence, there are actions that are ongoing.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

assured the Fernández family that they will not in any way allow “Televisa’s conduct” for fighting against them and violating the legal framework go unpunished. Of all the actions on all fronts (IMPI, civil, criminal, gender violence), the news will be informed in a timely manner.

“In conclusion: No procedure is finished, far from it. There are multiple actions undertaken”.

It should be remembered that all this has origin since it was known that Televisa had recorded a bioseries based on the legacy of Vicente Fernándezbut above all, because released without the permission of cuquita covers, who only gave that right to Netflix.

It’s about the series The Last King: The Son of the People starring Pablo Montero, and featuring the performances of Angélica Aragón, Emilio Osorio and José Carlos Rui.


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