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Family, Haters, La Voz Argentina and Fideo Di Maria as a Son

Family, Haters, La Voz Argentina and Fideo Di Maria as a Son

ricardo montaner He is a prophet in many countries. He is of birth, where he joins the Argentine neighborhood of origin, of a heart that is synonymous with his beloved Venezuelan upbringing; And the one that appears timid via Zoom, with a window behind it confirming the persistently rainy season in Florida.

“Since I was traveling last week and here I live in a beach area that is 40 minutes away from everything, I took this opportunity to complete several checkups with doctors and dentists in one day. my smile should be even more beautiful today“, he claims from his home in Miami, one of his “homes around the world”, where he usually makes a base for going abroad.

With a new album and a promise made with God (“That He Was Saving the Moment”) singer do not intend to Faith Another trophy from their musical hits Shelf. This is suggested by promotional posters in Buenos Aires sidewalks, where he shares more than one inspiring path.

“Latin America has many cities we wanted to go to” album beyond a message for example. was the last don’t lose faith, which is something that people need as a reminder of all that we have experienced in this one and a half year”, slides the experienced coach of voice of argentina.

Ricardo Montaner Isn'T Shy About Answering Haters Who Come To Network With His Family.  Photo Press

Ricardo Montaner isn’t shy about answering haters who come to network with his family. photo press

In the meantime, he’s counting down the days to pass off another pending one: the first family live streaming in Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic, on July 31.

“This which has happened to us around the world calls on all of us to say this: ‘Despite everything I have to live with faith’. Because if you start seeing the world as full of problems, but if you add that you have a problem, and above all humanity, things get even bigger. Then I lose faith,” he says.

– Have you ever lost it?

Not to the level of losing it, because losing trust is complicated. I would say it weakened on more than one occasion. I would say not once, but many times. If we had faith the size of a mustard seed, a seed, we could “walk” a mountain saying it would move.

Normally we humans hesitate, no matter how close you are to God. in I don’t live chasing people with Bibles in hand, telling him that all evil is going to end. God doesn’t say “trust me you’ll never have a problem again.”

He won’t stop you from rain or storm, but he gives you an umbrella so you can walk down the street and not get so wet or drenched.”

Speaking of storms, you’re almost a neighbor of a collapsed building in Miami that’s just a few blocks from your house. Did this tragedy move you closer?

– You do not know…! for two weeks now, in this area around here a kind of fantasy cloak of sadness Which has become very difficult to cross. Because there is someone everywhere in this area of ​​Miami Beach who has had a relationship with someone living here. It was very difficult for everyone.

Ricardo Montaner Lives In Miami, Very Close To The Collapsed Building, And Has Acquaintances Who Died There.  Photo Press

Ricardo Montaner lives in Miami, very close to the collapsed building, and has acquaintances who died there. photo press

The place is seven blocks from our restaurant. And my house is at 49, and it was at 87. We have a godson, who is the godson of Marlene (his wife), our friends Adriana Santander and Kaik, a very important music producer who is famous.

Adriana’s sister is also the First Lady of Paraguay; And the two’s younger sister, Sophia, died along with her entire family when the tower collapsed, and they recovered the bodies of the little girls they had just lost. it has touched us deeply because they are family and because It’s a pain you can’t even imagine. It touched us a lot.

Neighborhoods, Roots and Outstanding Tango

Now you returned to Miami, but you spent the last months living in Argentina. Do you have a sense of belonging in your country?

-I must admit that the previous season of season voice of argentina, that I had to live in Buenos Aires for four and a half months, it helped me even more to meet people again And places that I had not seen since childhood. with my roots.

I had to get used to the Argentinian nature, day after day, of the news that since I left, being a very young boy, I had not become accustomed to living. This year it has been renewed, although the past two months have been tornadoes.

-Is it true that this Argentinian culture has made you think about the tango album?

-The idea was not to move much, but has been and was one of my father’s great dreams that i record a tango album. At the time, the conditions weren’t right and the race had to be further oiled to be able to make a special album, perhaps assuming such a commitment.

But yes, in the next projects we are already addressing that. It will be an album that, in addition to the 12 unforgettable songs of all time, is a document related to my life, with 7-year-old Ricardo, who had emigrated; And it will reflect some of my life history.

Ricardo Montaner Is Planning To Record A Tango Album That His Father Had Dreamed Of.

Ricardo Montaner is planning to record a tango album that his father had dreamed of.

My dad’s initial project grew and would be much wider and bigger, because people would not only be able to hear it, but also see it.

family and voice, one heart

-You recently stood up to defend your son-in-law, Camillo, who was criticized by one of your followers on Twitter. Is there a family limit?

I think that although social networks should become the landscape of freedom, freedom may not mean that I violate your spaces and believe that I have the right to attack you. And, above all and even worse, attacking your most intimate and closest love. So when I see there’s been some carelessness far from blocking someone i go to meet him, especially if it is to do with my family.

If they are irrelevant issues, it doesn’t matter, but when I have to go through there and all of a sudden I meet someone who is attacking someone in my family, especially without being right, I ask you in the best way possible. I go out to meet , which accompanies the word. I also believe that at times the best way to cope with some adversity is to be good.

– It was also questioned that you serve as a jury this season with your kids, Mau and Ricky voice of argentina.

What happens is that since we are visible, it obviously attracts attention. But if you come to see, I know families and families of doctors who are all doctors and who have a clinic together. US We are all musicians and we have a clinic together, but a music clinic, we are all artists.

Those of us who choose to be artists are doing very well thanks to God and those who did not choose them from their families and did something else are doing very well too.

Ricky And Maui Montaner, Ricciardo

Ricky and Maui Montaner, Ricciardo’s children, with their own careers and judges of “La Voz Argentina” (Telef). TV capture.

Do you think this election bothers some people?

Of course there may be people who don’t like Cold, but we do, which is the most important thing. We are very close and it makes us very happy to work together and above all to send messages together. What no one can deny here is we all send the message of love, of family union and of faith, then if there are people who do not agree with it, it is because they are very lacking.

-As a coach in your eighth season, does it cost less to clench a participant’s thumb in a blind audition? Is this a workout?

– Of course I have a little more experience, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t break my heart to say no to someone; It’s not easy to say that you didn’t go to the next stage.

Sometimes all four coaches don’t turn around and when we see him we don’t know how to tell. not good Have to turn and choose whether the participant continues or not.

And I know people probably don’t like it when you reject an artist, but unfortunately the format of the show says: You’re going to hear 300 and so many voices out of which you can only choose 22 . Then you get into a big mess. .

Ricardo Montaner In His Role As Jury For La Voz Argentina.  This Is His Eighth Participation In These Reality Shows.  Photo Capture Tv.

Ricardo Montaner in his role as jury for La Voz Argentina. This is his eighth participation in these reality shows. Photo Capture TV.

-And the networks do not forgive you …

Sometimes they beat you up for something that’s not your fault! Now, above all, I hadn’t experienced it, which is the format that is being renewed, with El Regreso) participants who can return to the contest through a contest on the Telefe network). So, in order for people to return, the ones that do return have to be of very good quality.

And how do you do if you don’t leave the good guys return? The public is still not used to the fact that this return exists.

Empty nest and the ghost of loneliness

– Changing subject, since Ivaluna moved in with Camilo, you don’t live with your kids anymore, right?

-No, Ivaluna only went 8 months to live with him in Colombia and now living on the bus. He is touring Spain with Camilo and singing on his show; He sang last night in Cadiz and spent the night sleeping on the bus. Just on July 26th we’re all going to meet up in the Dominican Republic for that concert we have on the 31st.

But he was not home again. They have a small house they bought with Camilo, which they are remodeling, and they live here in the meantime. But since he is on tour we don’t see him much.

-Does the piece cost you?

– He hit us a lot. When the pandemic started, Ivaluna returned from her honeymoon and returned to our house, as if she hadn’t married, with a husband and everything. And Mau and Ricky also lived here in the early days of the pandemic, then the house was full.

When things return to normal, everyone has their own home, but at least we’re lucky that Eva hasn’t finished her house yet. (laughs)

The Montaner Clan, Made Up Of Mau And Ricky, Ivaluna, Camilo And Papa Ricardo, Presents Its First Streaming Family Together, Live And In Real Time.  Photo Press

The Montaner clan, made up of Mau and Ricky, Ivaluna, Camilo and Papa Ricardo, presents its first streaming family together, live and in real time. photo press

– Ghost of the empty nest…

-The famous empty nest! But you don’t know how he hit me personally. A lot Fragility, vulnerability. Now I have to go to Buenos Aires for about 10 days and Marlene can’t come because there are other things going on and she has to be here. And when Mau and Ricky also come, they stay in one place and I in another place.

then for me I don’t like the loneliness of traveling, I’m not having a good time. Many times I like to spend 10 hours on a plane, if I have three or four days off to come home, then stay here and leave again. Even if I sacrifice my back a little.

“My kids have inherited a love of blue and white”

Based in Miami but with his heart in Buenos Aires, Montaner encouraged the national team from afar and celebrated Argentina’s victory at home. “We celebrate the cup As if Di Maria was one of my children and I was Scaloni.

We meet every time there is an event where there is a national team, because even though my kids were born in Venezuela, I brought it to my heart as a legacy when I came to live here. And as soon as they were born, They have inherited the love that is for the celestial and white people of all life“, Take pride.

And as a good fan of the Avelaneda club, he completes: “My great idols in the Independent were Prospitti, Decaria, then Passing by people like ‘El Bocha’ Bocchini. At home we are deeply rooted in everything that happens with football, although we cannot follow the Argentine football league consistently as we keep traveling”.

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