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face to face and from 5 to 8 May

face to face and from 5 to 8 May

Today it was confirmed that the eleventh edition of Cosquin International Independent Film Festival (Ficic) will be held in person, and also in an online version, between Thursday 5 May and Sunday 8 May at the Microcine Theatre, El Alma Encantada Theatre, Federal Hall and the Congress and Convention Center in that city of Cordoba.

opening film will be big move (2021), by Kiro Russo, a co-production between Bolivia, France, Qatar and Switzerland, and as a provincial premiere, an Argentine documentary, Closing One, Camouflage (2022), by Jonathan Perel.

Official International Feature Film Competition

Bloodsuckers - A Marxist Vampire Comedy

Bloodsuckers – A Marxist Vampire Comedy

This section includes titles in the provincial or national premiership, it shall be composed of: Bloodsuckers – A Marxist Vampire Comedy (Germany, 2021), by Julian Radelmayr, danube (Argentina, 2021), by Augustina Perez Rial, and District Terminus (Iran/Germany, 2021), by Ehsan Mirhosaini and Bardia Yadegri.

as well red Star (Argentina, 2022), by Sofia Bordenway, not coming home (Argentina/Peru, 2021), by Yela Gottlieb, Cerro Hueso. a school in (Argentina, 2021), by Betania Capato, and a couple movie (Dominican Republic, 2021), by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada.

International Short Film Competition

The films in this region will be: then the night will come (Spain, 2022), by ngel Santos Touza, caught in the rain (Belgium, 2017), by Eli Massin and Mirien Koppens, disorder (Argentina/United States, 2022), by Mauro Andrizzi, double helix – sheng ming zi ge (China, 2022), by Qiu Sheng, fire in the sea (Argentina, 2022), by Sebastian Zanzotera, Heartbees (Spain, 2020), by Octavio Guerra and Alyssa Torres.

as well Mourning (Argentina, 2021), by Pablo Martin Weber, Microphone II (Germany, 2022), by Philipp Hartmann, crazy rabbit (Argentina, 2022), by Martin Sapia, to choose a flower (Philippines, 2021), by Shirin Seno, and an invisible horizon (Argentina, 2021), by Mario Boccichio.

more section

There will also be a national competition for school shorts, a retrospective of Bolivian Kiro Russo, whose shorts will be seen. Enterprise, Juku, New Life You old skull and Argentina’s Pablo Mazzolo, whose titles are filmed and presented in Super 8 format. Pizza Factory, El Quilpo Dreams Waterfalls, Guess You NN Arg.among others.

peron flyer

peron flyer

in parts Our writer they will see each other trees and birds (Argentina, 2021), by Gustavo Fontan, plastic feature (Romania, 2021), by Radu Judd, and become eaternex (Argentina, 2022), by Raul Perón, while Live Film Library Fernando Marín Pea and Roger Coza will present films in the 35 millimeter format, and province plan they will see each other Paula (Argentina, 2022) by Florencia Wehbe, and all clues were false (Argentina, 2022), by Alejandro Coza.

online version

For the online festival, from 5 to 8 May, it will be possible to follow from the festival’s website and the films will be screened in the programming grid at a specified time: only once for no more than 12 hours from its programming. Viewers must register on the web www.ficic.com.ar


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