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”F9” follows first

''F9'' follows first

Three Universal movies draw people to theater

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Although ticket sales have yet to fully recover from the pandemic, a film studio has good reason to celebrate Independence Day this weekend in the United States.

Universal Pictures films won three main positions at the national box office: “F9”, “The Boss Baby: Family Business” and “The Forever Purge”, according to the study’s calculations published yesterday.

This is the first time it has happened to Universal since 1989, when “Sea of ​​Love,” “Parenthood,” and “Uncle Buck” topped the charts, and the first time since 2005 it has happened in a studio.

As anticipated from the “Fast and Furious” sequel, “F9”, it took the top spot for its second weekend in theaters.

The film added $24 million over the weekend and is expected to gross $32.7 million by the end of today, for a total of $125.8 million.

Globally, ‘F9’ is likely to break the $500 million mark by Monday.

Second, the animated sequel to “Boss Baby” beat expectations by debuting this weekend with $17.3 million, which is estimated to rise to $23.1 million today. Alex Baldwin voices the sophisticated baby in “The Boss Baby: Family Business”.

Third, Blumhouse’s latest adventure, “The Forever Purge,” is projected to raise $12.8 million by tomorrow and $15.9 million over the four-day weekend for US Holiday.