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Ezra Miller adds more complaints of violence and new victims emerge

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So far, only the video in which Ezra Miller attacks a woman in a bar in Reykjavik went viral, but now, Victim came forward to speak and gave details of facts It took place in the capital of Iceland in 2020 and had actors from The Flash as the protagonists.

In that video you can see how Miller said to the woman: “Do you want to fight?” And then he grabbed her by the neck and slammed her on the floor. At first no one thought it was real, but a joke on social media. Even then, Miller’s violence was real,

Two years later, the victim came out to speak anonymity, saying she wanted to play a prank on Miller and challenged him to a fight, but The actor’s reaction was accompanied by physical aggressionChokehold style.

Ezra Miller, condemned for multiple episodes of aggression by two women.  Photo: AP.

Ezra Miller, condemned for multiple episodes of aggression by two women. Photo: AP.


A few months before that episode in Iceland, the actor was Allegations of drunkenness and public disorder And was arrested in a karaoke bar.

The site was attacked as per the testimony given by the woman DiversityMiller’s behavior had turned violent a few days ago, when he arrived in Iceland amid the Kovid epidemic.

Anonymous woman confirmed that Miller strangled her on April 11, 2020After a conversation about the shoes he was wearing and which led to an immediate violent reaction on the part of the actor.

“As you know, this can lead to a fight,” Miller said. “Do you really want to fight?” Miller’s words were according to the woman. “I thought it was just fun, a sport, but it soon turned into something else,” he said.

On the other hand, Carlos Rainir, an employee of the Icelandic bar Prikið Kaffihús, where everything happened, also confirmed the incident and said that This was not the only controversy he saw Miller involved.,

Ezra Miller.  The Flash's actors in judicial problems.

Ezra Miller. The Flash’s actors in judicial problems.

another victim

In parallel to this testimony from the victim who was assaulted by Miller, A new allegation surfaced against the actorbefore this incident. In this case, it’s a German woman who also preferred to remain anonymous and only identify herself as Nadia.

According to Nadia, she and Miller had a friendship that sometimes included consensual sex. But one night in February changed when she invited the actor to her apartment in Berlin and there he yelled at her and insulted her. The woman says that Miller was friendly at first, but He burst into anger when he asked her not to smoke inside his house,

,I told her to go about 20 timesBut he started insulting me. It got very, very stressful for me. I was walking around my house, looking at everything, touching everything, spreading tobacco leaves on the floor. It was disgusting and very intrusive,” he said.

Nadia said she was able to get Miller out of her apartment, but her aggressive behavior continued until the next morning and she she didn’t feel safe because he was texting her Where he told her that he was going to break into her house to steal her passport and money.

“I was worried,” admitted one of Nadia’s friends. Diversity, “I think they betrayed him: he remembered them from when they were in Los Angeles, and what happened in Berlin was really different, very dangerous.”

Help or danger?

A more serious matter has been added to these allegations which came to light a few days back in which it was revealed that Miller kept three children under the age of five. At his unlicensed cannabis farm in Vermont. The children’s mother, who lives on the property, claimed that Miller helped her and her children escape an abusive marriage.

But, on the contrary, the father of the minors expressed concern over this. repeated exposure of their children to cannabis smoke And for the firearms that the actor has on the farm.

Meanwhile, the actor league of justice You Fantastic BeastsReceived a court order and has to answer for all charges.


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