Home Entertainment Extubate Vicente Fernández, according to the medical report

Extubate Vicente Fernández, according to the medical report

Extubate Vicente Fernández, according to the medical report

GUADALAJARA (EFE) .— Vicente Fernández, 81, is making progress in his restoration, though a tracheostomy was carried out after per week of being hospitalized after a fall in Guadalajara, his docs reported.

“Yesterday (Sunday) a tracheostomy was performed, which is to place a device in the trachea, a surgery that was performed in a timely manner and without incident, he is no longer sedated, he is awake, conscious and interacts with his family ”, They detailed.

The interpreter was extubated and the tracheostomy carried out will assist him breathe with out danger of throat infections, internist Luis Arturo Gómez informed the media.

“The respirator he has is only for support, since the breaths are totally spontaneous, his heart and lungs are stable, without complications,” he stated.

The spokesman for the medical staff that has accompanied Fernández since August 7 stated that bodily rehabilitation remedy is being maintained, which is “a fundamental part of recovery” and thus far his evolution “is favorable.”

The “Charro de Huentitán” arrived at a personal hospital in Guadalajara, after struggling a fall that triggered a blow to the cervicals close to the cranium, injuring his spinal twine and leaving him with out motion in his legs and arms.

The singer needed to bear emergency surgical procedure that triggered “respiratory distress” that pressured docs to attach him to synthetic respiration and fully sedate him to facilitate his restoration, based on hospital stories.