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Exclusive with Clarín, Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep

Exclusive with Clarín, Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep

What can alter a journalist’s vacation? A call by whatsapp, in which they ask us if we are interested in a single opportunity to interview Leonardo Dicaprio Y Meryl streep, together, for the Netflix premiere of Don’t look up.

It matters little that the date for the Zoom interview falls on a Sunday, and at lunchtime.

So there they are now, Oscar winners, the two of them sitting in typical director’s chairs, side by side, smiling and well-arranged on my computer screen.

Leo, Astronomer, Meryl, President Of The Usa: The Satirical Comedy Premieres On Christmas Eve.  Netflix Photo

Leo, astronomer, Meryl, President of the USA: the satirical comedy premieres on Christmas Eve. Netflix photo

Don’t look up (Don’t look up), which premieres today, on Christmas Eve on Netflix, is a satirical comedy in which everything is questioned and the ironic gaze is fixed on the media, politics, climate change, family relations and the love.

A scientist and the President

Leo DiCaprio is Dr. Randall Mindy, a not very brilliant scientist and astronomer, whom Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) astronomy graduate student, when he first discovers a comet, but then understands that, due to its orbit, speed and size, it is going to hit Earth within 6 months, triggering the end of life on the planet. face of the planet.

Randall (Leo) And Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) Go To A Tv Show Hosted By Cate Blanchett To Alert The End Of The World.  But They Laugh.  Netflix Photo

Randall (Leo) and Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) go to a TV show hosted by Cate Blanchett to alert the end of the world. But they laugh. Netflix photo

Both reach the White House, where President Orlean (Meryl Streep) is more concerned with solving internal issues and the image of her government, and refuses to pay attention to the “meteorite”, so the scientists end up on a successful TV show morningThe Daily Rip) or The Daily Tear or Break), led by Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry, pulling the scoop.

And people don’t know whether to believe them or not.

Jonah Hill, Dicaprio, Streep And Jennifer Lawrence, At The White House.  Many Dialogues And Situations Were Improvised.  Netflix Photo

Jonah Hill, DiCaprio, Streep and Jennifer Lawrence, at the White House. Many dialogues and situations were improvised. Netflix photo

Just as time is a tyrant on television, so is it for Zoom interviews with such stars. And thanks to the fact that Meryl talks up to her elbows, and no one dared to cut her off, we had a few more minutes of chatting than was stipulated.

Leo (47) is dating Camila morrone (24), daughter of the Argentine Lucía Polak, or Solá (who was a partner of Al Pacino). Precisely in the actor’s house The Godfather Leo met Camila.

Dicaprio Came To Tierra Del Fuego To Shoot The Finale Of &Quot;The Revenant&Quot;, For Which He Would Win The Oscar.  &Quot;I Had An Incredible Time In Argentina,&Quot; He Said.

DiCaprio came to Tierra del Fuego to shoot the finale of “The Revenant”, for which he would win the Oscar. “I had an incredible time in Argentina,” he said.

-Leo, you have already been in Argentina, near Ushuaia, filming the final scenes of “The Revenant”, what memories do you have of your time in Argentina? And do you have plans to return to Argentina?

-Leonardo Dicaprio: Yes, we shot in Ushuaia, just for the end of the movie, because where we were filming in Canada, all the snow melted a little earlier, so we had to make a big break and go shoot the end of the movie in Argentina. I had an amazing time there. The nature there is amazing, but it was a bit ironic that we were making a movie about the natural world and had to stop because the weather had changed, no pun intended.

Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) Discovers The Comet That Will Hit Earth.  &Quot;It

Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) discovers the comet that will hit Earth. “It’s wonderful,” Streep praised her to “Clarín.” Netflix photo

-For both of you, do you hope that through the laughter of “Don’t look up” some people can become aware of the dangers of climate change?

-Meryl Streep: Yes, I am hopeful about the movie, because … partly because it’s so entertaining, because it’s so funny that sometimes … You know, Shakespeare said that “a woman laughing is like a woman conquered.” And I think it is true, that some kind of joke “lands” or comes to you in a way that is not as threatening as the overwhelming information that is at our disposal.

It is available, if we want to look at it, but we don’t look up. So I hope the movie gives people a reason to think about this, to talk about it with each other and to vote or express their interests on this topic.

&Quot;The Scene.  In The Oval Room They Improvised Two Days In A Row.  Streep Was Annoyed By &Quot;Having To Smoke In Front Of The Camera.&Quot;  Netflix Photo

“The scene. In the Oval Room they improvised two days in a row. Streep was annoyed by “having to smoke in front of the camera.” Netflix photo

Leo and Meryl had to improvise a scene that takes place in the Oval Room of the White House, with other actors. It was filmed for two days in a row and lasted 16 minutes! It had to be edited and can be seen in the movie.

In the scene in question, in addition to them are Jennifer Lawrence, Johan Hill (who plays the President’s son) and Rob Morgan (Dr. Oglethorpe).

&Quot;I Am A Climate Scientist Who Tries To Be Smart In The Media World And Fails Miserably,&Quot; He Told Clarín.  Netflix Photo

“I am a climate scientist who tries to be smart in the media world and fails miserably,” he told Clarín. Netflix photo

-And how did you both feel about the improvisation of texts?

-Leonardo Dicaprio: How do we feel about improvisation in the movie? Oh yeah, I think it was an amazing environment for all of us. Adam (McKay, the director) had written this incredible script that we talked about, which is about the climate crisis, but in relation to a comet that will kill us all within eight months.

But it gave us the freedom as actors to fully take our characters in whatever direction we wanted. I mean, we had the framework of what we wanted to do. I knew I was some kind of climate scientist trying to be smart in the media world and failing miserably. She was a narcissistic president, who was not listening to science.

Leo Said That Director Adam Mckay Gave Them &Quot;Freedom To Take Our Characters In Any Direction We Wanted.&Quot;  Netflix Photo

Leo said that director Adam McKay gave them “freedom to take our characters in any direction we wanted.” Netflix photo

And when we all walked into a room, any idea was, you know, fully explored. We got to fully play with these characters, which hopefully brought life and a sense of humor to this incredibly important matter.

-Meryl Streep: We also had an amazing cast. I mean, it’s an amazing group of people. Jennifer Lawrence is wonderful in this movie. She is a kind of Joan of Arc, a Greta Thunberg in this story. And then we either had Jonah Hill, who was like a, you know, what do they call him? It’s a catalytic converter, or something like that. He interrupts everything …

&Quot;See You In These People&Quot;, Summed Up The Actress Of &Quot;The Bridges Of Madison&Quot;.  Netflix Photo

“See you in these people”, summed up the actress of “The bridges of Madison”. Netflix photo

-Leonardo Dicaprio: …That’s true.

-Meryl Streep: … It was a lot of fun, it was a lot of fun acting with him, and it kept us going. Adam himself is like a volcano of ideas and improvisation, you know, they were kind of triggers. And then he threw them away all the time.

&Quot;It Was Great To Create Such A Selfish Character,&Quot; The Two Oscar Winner Told Clarín.  Netflix Photo

“It was great to create such a selfish character,” the two Oscar winner told Clarín. Netflix photo

-Meryl, my last question is for you, how did you prepare to play the fictional and not especially competent American President Orlean? Did you create a life story of her?

-Meryl Streep: Yes. Yes, because Adam was interested in her … In her being someone who broke a lot of rules, just because she wanted to, and got away with it. So that was fun. The only thing I didn’t like was having to smoke all the time. Because it’s like, you know, I really like to smoke a cigarette once in a while – I’m just going to say that – once in a while, but having to smoke in front of the camera is really brutal. And one shot after another, after another.

And Jonah is improvising, improvising like everyone else, so we have to go over and over again, and it’s really fun. But I’m smoking this shit…. And yes, that was not fun. But it was great to create such a selfish character. But I also think: I am selfish, we are all selfish, we see ourselves in these people, or not. We did our job …

Leo and Meryl, together 25 years ago

In &Quot;Reunion&Quot; (1996) Streep Had Already Won Two Oscars, And Was Dicaprio

In “Reunion” (1996) Streep had already won two Oscars, and was DiCaprio’s mother, before he filmed “Titanic”. Photo Clarín Archive

Don’t look up brought together Leo and Meryl exactly 25 years after the premiere of the first time they acted together. It was in Reunion (Marvin’s room), debut and farewell as a film director of fellow actor and theater director Jerry Zaks. It was a drama based on a play in which Streep was DiCaprio’s mother.

To put us in time, DiCaprio rolled Reunion Come in Romeo + Juliet Y Titanic, and Meryl, after The bridges of Madison. He had already won two Oscars and had 8 more Hollywood Academy Award nominations.

In the film’s plot, with a great cast, spinster Bessie (Diane Keaton, who had her third Oscar nomination) takes care of her father Marvin (Hume Cronyn) and her aunt Ruth (Gwen Verdon). Marvin has been bedridden since he had a stroke 17 years earlier.

Lee (Streep), Bessie’s sister, has been estranged from her father ever since. She is a single mother and her son Hank (DiCaprio) set the house on fire. Now that Bessie has been diagnosed with leukemia, she needs a bone marrow transplant, so, hoping to find a match, she calls her sister and the title reunion occurs. Robert De Niro also works.

Reference from clarin