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EXCLUSIVE! Who handles Chyno’s money? Did they force him to be transferred and record the last video on their networks? The singer’s mother clarifies everything: [Mi hijo] he is very upset, I have to take him away

Right after a civil court agreed to transfer Chyno Miranda of Aunt Panchita to a further rehab clinic, alcira perezthe singer’s mom assures that the transform was designed without her son’s authorization and has introduced irreparable penalties to his health.

“The [Chyno] did not agree [a irse] simply because I was asleep,” he completely assures People today in spanish Pérez, who with his legal professionals Horacio Morales Leon Y Hector Guilarte she is performing her finest to get her son out of the clinic the cedar. “The day [9 de noviembre] this year, my son instructed me with encouragement that when he completed his treatment method he desired to go residence, just as he explained to me on the 11th [de noviembre]”.

What will materialize to Chyno? why his girlfriend astrid falcon transferred him to a different clinic? Are you acquiring the suitable remedy? The singer’s mother explained it all.

How did Chyno’s transfer consider place?

On the very first working day of November [presentó en la clínica para hacer una inhabilitación la juez Carolina María García Cedeño del tribunal civil y de eso tenemos un audio que hay una prueba de ese día que se presentó la juez. El día siguiente en el horario e la noche se presentaron a implementar una medida las fiscales María José Torres y Carmen Julia (el apellido no me lo sé), a retirar a mi hijo de la clínica.   

¿Él accedió a irse de la clínica en la que estaba?

No. Él no accedió porque estaba dormido, estaba dopado, a él se le suminista una cantidad de sedantes para que descanse su cerebro porque él está ahí para tratar una secuela que le quedó de la encefalitis. 

¿Quién fue la persona que se lo llevó?

Como recuerdan yo le nombré a dos fiscales en compañia de Astrid Falcón y muchos policías.

¿Es verdad lo que dijo Chyno en un video, de que en la clínica en donde estaba internado las condiciones eran terribles?

Eso es completamente falso, yo como su madre, no lo voy a meter en una pocilga, eran condiciones prudentes y necesarias para que él estuviera ahí, sin lujos, ni riquezas ni nada por el estilo, porque ellos no necesitan eso. Ellos necesitan un sitio donde se les suministre lo necesario para regenerarse y para alimentarse, ejercicios y todo lo demás.

Si no, ¿por qué dijo eso?

Bueno, le voy a decir sinceramente lo que él me dijo es que esa clínica [Tía Panchita]had a lot of principles, they don’t like the procedures, so because they won’t be able to smoke or drink espresso, so they did not like it.

Is it genuine that your cousin Yarubay Zapata Pérez only sought her cousin’s funds?

No. I am the man or woman who directs and provides the orders in what we are heading to devote for the restoration of Jesus.

Now that you have found it, how do you see it?

Extremely nervous, a minor upset, consuming a ton of coffee and cigarettes. I filed a criticism and they give him chamomile, he is not staying provided the cure that he was being supplied.

What does Chyno say to him? What does he consider?

On November 9 of this year, my son told me with encouragement that when he finished his treatment he wanted to go residence, just as he explained to me yesterday, the 11th. [de noviembre].

Will he remain in that clinic or will they get him out of there?

I’ve now explained it, I have to just take it from the clinic.

How is your addiction procedure likely? How is that clinic handling it?

As I realize it, he has no treatment for this pathology and when I spoke with Dr. Libertad, she informed me that he experienced no signs and symptoms of addiction.

Have you been able to discuss to the community physicians?

I have talked with the physician Liberty Velasquez and I haven’t talked a great deal, I had to push for him to convey to me [la información]upcoming Tuesday, she will do a checkup and explained to me that she will give me a duplicate of the report.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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