Home Entertainment Exclusive interview with Mark Strong from Cruella, expert on villains

Exclusive interview with Mark Strong from Cruella, expert on villains

Exclusive interview with Mark Strong from Cruella, expert on villains

Being the bad guy often has its benefits. Who doesn’t have sympathy for the villain? And isn’t it true that in order to be a great hero, there must be an evil person with all the letters in front of him?

If sometimes the villain overpowers the hero (in Jack Nicholson’s The Joker) batman Written by Tim Burton, or perhaps Heath Ledger batman, the dark knightand).

mark strong Specialized in the field. it was sinner lord blackwood Sherlock Holmes With Robert Downey Jr., there was Doctor Sivana Shazam!, sister in green LanternE, with Ryan Reynolds, Sir Godfrey Robin Hood With Russell Crowe and Frank D’Amico kick ass, among many other films.

Mark Strong Went To A Meeting With The Director Of &Quot;Cruella&Quot; Because He Was A Fan Of His Work.  And She Didn

Mark Strong went to a meeting with the director of “Cruella” because he was a fan of his work. And she didn’t know that Craig Gillespie wanted her to film. Disney Photo

And it could have been in one of James Bond, when Pierce Brosnan played it, but when he found out about the audition, he went out for a drink with his friend… Daniel Craig, he overreacted, had a severe hangover, and was too lousy to be the villain on the exam the next morning. So he blames whoever becomes Agent 007 for his misfortunes later.

On Cruella is the assistant of the evil Baroness (Emma Thompson) and what for now Cruella Now available on Disney+ at no extra cost, we save the interviews we did, in particular, with the villainous expert.

Vigorously Shared Why He Feels That The Director Has Included Him In Certain Scenes Of The Film.  Disney Photo

Vigorously shared why he feels that the director has included him in certain scenes of the film. Disney Photo

-Do you have any connection with Argentina?

-No not really. I mean, I’ve always wanted to go and go, but I’ve neglected South America. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel there. So yeah, if you want to invite me, I’m going.

&Quot;A Great Fun,&Quot; Strong Told Clarins, Starring Alongside Emma Stone And Emma Thompson.  Disney Photo

“A great fun,” Strong told Clarins, starring alongside Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Disney Photo

-Mark, your real name is Marco Giuseppe Salusolia, I know your father was Italian. Do you think there are any Italian roots in the way you are? We in Argentina are so descendants of Italians…

-Yes Yes. Well, I think Argentines are very emotional people. I think Italians are too. And I feel very Italian. I have to say that whenever I go to Italy and go there, I feel like this is my home. You know, there’s something about the weather, the weather, the food, the people, I feel very comfortable there. That’s the best way I would describe it. So maybe you should move to Argentina because you might feel the same way.

Like The Sinister Lord Blackwood In &Quot;Sherlock Holmes&Quot; With Robert Downey Jr.  Photo File Clarin

Like the sinister Lord Blackwood in “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey Jr. photo file clarin

-Did you watch the animated movie “101 Dalmatians” as a child?

– I did, yes, I saw the animated film as a child, my mother took me to the cinema to see it and I remember it very well.

He Was Doctor Sivana In Shazam From Dc Comics.  Photo Clarin Archive

He was Doctor Sivana in Shazam from DC Comics. photo clarin archive

-And what do you remember the most, or what impressed you the most about the animated film?

I just remember thinking how cute and charming everyone was. I really enjoyed laughing at the incompetent robbers, mates, they were so much fun and it was a very classy movie, great and I don’t think I would have seen a Dalmatian before.

In &Quot;Green Lantern&Quot; Fury With Ryan Reynolds, He Played The Sinister.  Photo Clarin Archive

In “Green Lantern” fury with Ryan Reynolds, he played the sinister. photo clarin archive

-And how did you get into the “Cruella” project?

-I got a call from director Craig Gillespie, and that was before I had a chance to read the script. He said he is making this film and I am a big fan of him, I really enjoyed it Lars and the Real Girl u i’m tonyA, so I knew about that. And yes, it was great to have the opportunity to meet us. And that’s just what I thought would happen, we’d just reunite a little bit. But then he mentioned that it was the role. Then he sent me the script and, you know, I thought it was a character watching from the background during the first half of the film. And then I said, “Is that all?

Mark Strong In The Series &Quot;Deep State&Quot;.  Photo Fox

Mark Strong in the series “Deep State”. photo fox

– And what did he tell you?

_He said “Yeah, yes, but he’s an appearance. It’s an appearance in the movie. And I think it would also be fun to play with the fact that I’ve done so many villains in my career, so you have a character like that.” who suddenly appears in the film and probably everyone is sure that it is going to be very disgusting. And yes, as the film progresses, we realize that this cannot happen.

With Taron Egerton In &Quot;Kingsman: The Golden Circle&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

With Taron Egerton in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. photo clarin archive

—And what did director Craig ask you to cast in your role? Did he ask you anything special?

-No, he wanted me to be there as a presence so that whenever we have scenes with the Baroness (Emma Thompson), he’s there, you see him. I think he got used to seeing and doing almost every shot of mine because he wanted to create this little drama. This man… who is this man? What are you thinking? What are you doing? So when the twist comes in the story, it bears fruit.

Mark Strong Worked With Ridley Scott Several Times.  Here In &Quot;Robin Hood&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

Mark Strong worked with Ridley Scott several times. Here in “Robin Hood”. photo clarin archive

enjoying the emmas

-And how did the conversation with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson happen?

– Sparkly. I mean, it was a lot of fun performing with him in front of the camera, but even more fun hanging out and chatting with him when the camera wasn’t rolling. Emma Thompson is actually a very funny lady and she is a great company. So I was very lucky to have her to act as my “caster”. And Emma Stone, I was impressed by the combination of professionalism she has and a kind attention to detail, as well as being able to chat and being very friendly on set, even as she’s carrying the burden of the film. Ho. It was very, very impressive. I had a lot of fun at both Emmas.

He Doesn'T Know Argentina, But If He'S Invited, He Comes.  Disney Photo

He doesn’t know Argentina, but if he’s invited, he comes. Disney Photo

Do you remember any particular scene or anecdote from the shoot?

– Ehmm… in a scene we were doing. I mean, what I remember is that a lot of the outdoor scenes we did, and I think we shot them in October or November, it was absolutely freezing. I mean, it was with sub-zero temperatures. And we filmed outside Hale Hall (Baroness Mansion) at night. Everyone’s there and we’re all dressed up, so you can’t wear a big coat or anything like that. So were lots of blankets, lots of people with hot cups of tea. It was really a challenge, because we were freezing and filming till morning.

With Leonardo Dicaprio In &Quot;Network Of Lies&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

With Leonardo DiCaprio in “Network of Lies”. photo clarin archive

It doesn’t look like a classic Disney movie, it’s too dark, does it?

-Yes Yes. That was another reason why I thought it would be cool to work on it, because I think they kind of tarnished their reputation, because Disney has this reputation for being very family friendly, very kind, very mild, very is funny. , and suddenly he allowed himself to make this kind of dark, edgy film that blew me away. And I think even kids of a certain age like it. They love princesses and they love the wonderful element of Disney and all those characters. But I guess they also like to be a little scared.

Mark Strong In The Movie &Quot;Syriana&Quot; With George Clooney.  Photo Clarin Archive

Mark Strong in the movie “Syriana” with George Clooney. photo clarin archive

-And what do you like most about playing the villain?

-I like the fact that you behave in a way that you don’t have in real life, haha. You get something that’s almost like therapy. Anger and threats, and danger, and evil, when in real life you never get a chance to do that. So it’s like playing. I enjoy playing villains, other than the fact that they get great costumes and have great lines to say.

Keira Knightley, Mark Strong And Benedict Cumberbatch In &Quot;The Enigma Code&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

Keira Knightley, Mark Strong and Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Enigma Code”. photo clarin archive

-Last question: Why did you choose to be an actor?

I guess I chose to be an actor because I realized the path I was taking when I was younger was wrong for me. I was trying to be a lawyer, I went to study law, and I was a little stuck there. I really didn’t understand it and one day I saw some people at university doing theater and theater workshops, and I remember asking them what they were doing, because it was a lot more fun than what I was doing seemed to. And then I thought about it, and I realized the mistake. I mean, it’s true, the first time I went on stage I felt like coming home, I suddenly thought, yeah, that’s what I want to do. So I was lucky at the time to choose something that I have loved ever since.