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Exatlón’s new season brings together former winners

Exatlón's new season brings together former winners

The return of Exatlón All Star is a fact. The same presenter Antonio Rosique announced the announcement, which caused emotion among fans of the sports competition broadcast by TV Azteca. The presenter also revealed when this new season premieres and who will be there.

Rosique pointed out that Exatlón All Star will begin in 2022, exactly when the season aired ends.

He mentioned that these new competitive athletes, who have been “realities” in other seasons of sport, are returning to be crowned the best.

“Tonight I announce and share with you, Mexico, the start of Exatlón All Star, the new elite competition in this adventure. An annual competition will automatically invite all champions and finalists in the history of this journey year after year, ”said Exatlon’s highest authority effusively.

In the new season, athletes will also take part in the current competition.


Rosique said there will be 20 athletes this season: ten women and ten men, who are spread across the red and blue teams. However, he stressed that there will only be one winner.

“It will be a season with 20 athletes, ten women, ten men, ten reds, ten blues. You heard right, Exatlón All Star, an annual season, an elite competition. Just one winner, ”revealed Rosique.

As for the participating athletes, the first confirmed are Macky González and Heber Gallegos – who are in the current season – as they both finished second in seasons one and three, respectively.

However, it is unofficially rumored that the list of athletes for Exatlón All Star would be supplemented with the following names, chosen for their performance at the show and popularity with the public, to return. They are: Ernesto Cázares, Patricio Araujo, Javi Márquez, Daniel Corral, Ana Lago, Aristeo Cázares, Aidée Hernández, Evelyn Guijarro, Mati Álvarez, Heliud Pulido and Casandra Ascencio.— Megamedia

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