Home Entertainment Exatlón México: Mati Álvarez confirms her participation in All Star (video)

Exatlón México: Mati Álvarez confirms her participation in All Star (video)

Mati Álvarez regresa a Exatlón México

In addition to Mati Álvarez, Aristeo also confirmed his participation in Exatlón All Star.

MEXICO.- Exatlon Mexico will continue to push the audience’s emotions to their limits, because only a few weeks after the end of the fifth season, sports competition comes with a new edition called. continued Exatlon All Star.

The news of this new season has been confirmed by the reality show’s highest authority. Antonio Rosique, who stated that the next edition of the program will include the most recognized champions and finalists of the past seasons.

After this announcement, there was speculation about the presence of Mati Alvarez in sporting competition. However, this rumor is confirmed.

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Mati Álvarez confirms his participation in Exatlón All Star

It was through the program “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana” that the names of several Athletes who will return to Exatlon.

In the broadcast on Saturday January 1st Mati Alvarez who is the driver of the morning Confirmed have received and accepted the challenge of returning among the most challenging beaches for the new season.

But still, Aristeo Cázares, who is also the presenter of the TV Azteca program, mentioned that like Mati he will also be attending it Exatlon All Star.

The athletes mentioned that the athletes could return with them Heliud Pulido, Patricio Araujo and the javelin thrower, Evelyn Guijarrowho were among the most popular athletes in Exatlón.

For his part, Antonio Rosique I already mentioned that Macky González and Heber Gallegos, current participants of the fifth season, you already have your invitation ready for the next edition of the entertainment program

Likewise, this new season is expected to see athletes like Ernesto Cázares and Casandra Ascenciobut their presence has not yet been confirmed.

When does Exatlón: All Star start?

Next January 31 as announced Rosique in one of the last programs of Exatlón: Guardianes vs. Conquistadores in its fifth season.

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