Ex-Menudo, Ray Reyes, suffered from depression and heart disease

The ex-Menudo Ray Reyes suffered depression, overweight and had been diagnosed with a heart condition called cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), Reform ensures.

Raúl Reyes, the singer’s brother, said in an interview that his brother suffered from depression, which was aggravated by the pandemic. “I know that my brother was also in depression with the situation of the pandemic that paralyzed the tour of “Get on my moto tour,” he said.

He also comments that the singer was overweight and that the stress he was currently experiencing caused him anxiety to eat.

“My whole family from my father has died of massive heart attacks. My father and an uncle of mine died of a heart attack, we have that antecedent, ”Reyes said. “I know that these days he was excited about the new projects we had and he said to me ‘I need to get out of Puerto Rico, go to Miami to start my diet again and to rehabilitate myself,” he recalls.

Ray Reyes, was found dead by his ex-sister-in-law

The 51-year-old singer died of a heart attack on April 30 at his Levittown home. He was found around 6:00 p.m. by his former sister-in-law, who lived at the artist’s home.

“He came down from his room and went to cook. There he suffered a massive heart attack. It fell, ”said Raúl Reyes, the artist’s brother.

“My mom was in her room because she is sick. My ex-wife lives with them because she is the one who takes care of him. She got out and ran into him on the floor. He called 911 and tried to help him but he no longer had any signs of life. “

According to Reforma data, on Tuesday, May 4, a funeral service will be held at the Boulevard Memorial Funeral Home in Levittown, from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The service will be open to the public.

Ray’s two children, Marcos, 24, and Cecilia, 16, are expected to travel from Miami to Puerto Rico to be present for the last goodbye to their father.

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