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‘Evil’ Cast Season 3: ‘It Gets Bonkers’ (Exclusive)

evil The cast is intimidating a new chapter. Season 3 of the one-hour drama begins Sunday on Paramount+, and the stars of the horror series are promising an even more spectacular ride.

“It gets bonkers this season,” co-star Asif Mandvi told ET’s Lauren Zima. “It’s fun for us because they keep pushing the game every season. This season’s theme is demons and there’s a demon on each episode or the idea of ​​a demon. It just gets crazy! And at the end of the season, Things get really off track so I think it’s going to be an exciting, exciting season.”

The action picks up moments after the end of Season 2 when a newly appointed David (Mike Colter) and Kristen (Katja Herbers) share a kiss. As the new season begins, the two must not only navigate this new reality, but also contend with David’s involvement with “The Unit”, an espionage unit within the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, Ben (Mandvi) finds his mind breaking with their unresolved matters and turns to his sister Karima (Sohina Sidhu) for help.

“I’ll just say very briefly that the audience wants us to go as far as we go, but at the same time we’ll keep our lovely dynamic with the cake and eat it too,” says Colter of where Seasons David and finds Kristen after their kiss. “It fits in so well and allows David and Kristen to deal with the awkwardness of working and the interesting balancing act, let alone coexist in the same room – sometimes with other people – and all that.” Tells how we move forward for the rest of this season.”

“But the audience expects us to get to see a lot of things live that they wanted us to see and so it will be an emotional roller coaster for a lot of people,” he adds. And I think that’s a good thing. I think for the first few minutes, if it’s done right, it will be exactly what it wanted to be: confusing, surprising, interesting, depressing, funny, sexy, shocking and confusing.”

Adds Herbers: “You’ll see what happens. Like, how do they get out of it? Do they get out of it as it moves on? Don’t they?”

Jokes Colter: “The kiss never stops. The kiss continues throughout the season. Every episode we’re still in lip-lock. It ends with a lip-lock, begins with a lip-lock!”

Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

Later evil After a season on CBS moved into their new home on Paramount+ in Season 2, the cast expressed their thoughts on the freedom they felt creatively with the switch to streaming.

“It’s really cool to say, ‘Oh darn it!’ In a situation that explicitly guarantees ‘F**k this s**t’ or something, you know?” Herbers says. “The other freedom we get is that we can be a little more bloody when we come across a terrifying moment. Otherwise, I don’t think much has changed. The great thing is that we have a little bit more.” There’s more freedom in terms of how long the episodes can be, which leaves more room for horror and great detail.”

“Visually, I mean, sexually, there are things you can explore or at least show that seem a little more realistic but I don’t want to go too far into that realm because I know other networks in that space.” and I find it absurd because sometimes less is more and I find it shock value,” Coulter says. “We have the same freedom, but we don’t live in that world … to do it. We use it sparingly and I think tastefully. I think we’re doing a great job with it , so kudos for editing and writing for staying in our wheelhouse and not turning into something we’re not or trying to be.”

Mandvi echoed his sentiments, saying, “It gives us a little more elbow room to push boundaries and talk about things that we’re able to talk about by the standards of our practices.” There can’t be. The beauty of being on Paramount+ is that you can binge the whole thing and it’s a great rabbit hole to binge ’cause it’s a lot of fun, mayhem and madness and a lot of comedy.”

As for what else is in store for the rest of the characters this season, there’s a lot to look forward to.

,[Dr. Leland Townsend] A terrible guy but he enjoys playing. He wasn’t so successful in Season 2 – a lot of his direct attacks on David and Kristen didn’t work so now he’s going to work around the edges and try some new angles this season,” says star Michael Emerson. ” He’s going to try to incorporate himself more into the hierarchy of the church and more inside Kristen’s family and we’ll see if he finds any success there.”

“Ben loses his mind – in a metaphorical and literal sense,” Mandvi teases. “Last season was so bananas for him, there were so many things he couldn’t explain. He’s logical, he has all the answers and he was coming with stuff like the bus driver and the elevator in season 2. This year we Throws hands in the air with Ben and needs some sort of sanity in his life and he goes through his sisterhood and joins the Science League to find people who speak her language who can understand. There are eyeballs coming out of the toilet this season and it’s not where the eyeballs should come out so he’s lost. The theme of this season for me is Ben’s mind is broken and he’s at a loss and he’s really Looking for some kind of purity. The world is turned upside down for him and he’s trying to put it on the right side again.”

evil Premieres on Paramount+ on Sunday, June 12, with new episodes arriving weekly.

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