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everything you need to know before the premiere of the second season

everything you need to know before the premiere of the second season

The wait is over. This Sunday at 11pm, HBO and HBO Max premiere the first chapter of the second season of Euphoria, the Emmy Award-winning drama series created by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya.

The provocative youth fiction narrates the future of Rue Bennet, a teenage girl recovering from her drug addiction struggling to find her place in the world and her identity.

Along with newcomer Jules (Hunter Schafer) and other high school classmates from East Highland, California, all deal with a past of psychological disorders and the typical pressures of age around love, friendship and social networks.

This Sunday At 11Pm, Hbo And Hbo Max Premiere The Second Season Of Euphoria.

This Sunday at 11pm, HBO and HBO Max premiere the second season of Euphoria.

After the end of the first installment, HBO and the producers of Euphoria They released two special episodes between late 2020 and early 2021 to quell their fans’ anxiety. And just a few weeks ago it became known that This Sunday, January 9, the second season premiered.

Before diving back into the eight new episodes of the series, it is worth taking a tour of the main characters and the most important events of the first season. Here everything you need to know before the premiere.

Rue Bennett (Zendaya)

Zendaya Plays Rue Bennett, A Teenager Trying To Recover From Her Drug Addiction.

Zendaya plays Rue Bennett, a teenager trying to recover from her drug addiction.

The first season began with Rue returning home and to school after a period of rehab, but immediately relapses and returns to buy drugs from his dealer, Fezco.

At a party, he meets the new girl in town, Jules, with whom make an instant connection that crosses the line between friendship and romance. At Jules’s request, Rue is kept clean for a time.

Rue’s addiction started when she tried oxycodone, a drug her father took as part of his cancer treatment. In addition to fighting against the use of harmful substances, Rue suffers from severe depression.

At the end of the first season, Rue suggests that Jules leave town and flee together. Although Jules goes to the train station, Rue cannot carry out her own impulsive idea and decides to stay in East Highland. In the ending sequence, Rue goes back to using drugs and experiences a vivid hallucination.

Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer)

Trans Icon Hunter Schafer Is Rue'S New Friend, Jules Vaughn.

Trans icon Hunter Schafer is Rue’s new friend, Jules Vaughn.

Jules’ appearance at East Highland is somewhat turbulent. Within days of arriving, she begins seeing an older man and is then harassed at a party by Nate Jacobs, the popular boy from school. To end the bullying, he cuts his own arm with a knife, intimidating everyone but Rue.

Soon after, Jules starts flirting on-line with a boy named Tyler and, after talking for a while, agrees to meet him in person. There she discovers that the real “Tyler” is Nate himself, who takes the opportunity to blackmail her with the intimate photos that Jules had sent him by chat.

In the last episodes, Jules goes to visit a friend from his hometown, where he meets Anna. While having sex with her, Jules fantasizes about the image of Nate and Rue kissing. So when she returns to East Highland, she confesses to Rue that she might be in love with her, and with Anna.

Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi)

Jacob Elordi Is The Popular Bad Boy Of The Story.

Jacob Elordi is the popular bad boy of the story.

Nate is the popular boy, the star quarterback from East Highland High School who is dating Maddy. At first glance, he appears to have an enviable life, but over the course of the story, his past and his true personality are revealed.

His constant anger and violence is due to an event from his childhood that ended up unleashing a complicated relationship with his father and serious psychological problems. When Nate was 11 years old, he discovered videos in his father’s office of him having sex with underage transgender and gay women.

Coming to the end of the season Rue confronts Nate about his blackmailing Jules and the truth about his father. But he’s the one who ends up bullying Rue, making her feel insecure about her relationship with Jules, which is why Rue runs away and relapses to drugs.

Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie)

Maddy Is One Of The Popular Girls At East Highland Middle School.

Maddy is one of the popular girls at East Highland Middle School.

One of the popular girls from East Highland High School. She’s nate’s girlfriend, with whom you have a toxic relationship. Her best friends are Cassie and Kat.

Maddy finds the intimate photos Nate had sent Jules when he is posing as Tyler. She decides to confront him, and Nate responds by suffocating her almost to death, leaving bruises all over her neck. When Maddy’s mother discovers the bruises on her neck, she goes to talk to the school and the police, but Maddy lies to protect her boyfriend.

When Nate fails to have intimate relationships with Maddy, she questions his sexuality and he becomes violent once again. Searching for answers, Maddy finds the video of Cal and Jules in Nate’s room while he takes a bath.

In This Second Part, Cassie Tries To Regain Her Confidence In Herself.

In this second part, Cassie tries to regain her confidence in herself.

Cassie is the older sister of Lexi (Maude Apatow), who did not have an easy childhood either. When they were young, their father was in a terrible car accident and his recovery led him to use drugs, and to separate from his wife.

That early experience has led to a series of unhealthy relationships, including her current romance with McKay, a college student who does not publicly recognize her as his girlfriend and who often embarrasses her.

When Cassie discovers that she is pregnant, McKay immediately suggests that she have an abortion, although it was not what she wanted. Eventually Cassie goes to a clinic with her mother and terminates the pregnancy.

Kat Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira)

From A Brazilian Mother, Barbie Ferreira Plays Kat Hernandez.

From a Brazilian mother, Barbie Ferreira plays Kat Hernandez.

Kat starts the school year wanting to change her reputation after a video of her losing her virginity at a party goes viral. So he decides to take control of his sexuality and begins to transmit videos of her in exchange for money and luxurious gifts.

Meanwhile, she tries to start a relationship with Ethan, a shy student at her school. Kat stops filming erotic videos when an interaction with a client makes her too uncomfortable. In the final episodes, he apologizes for his behavior with Ethan at the winter dance and they reconcile.

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