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Everything you need to know about the premiere of ‘Predator: The Prey’, the prequel to the saga

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Having battled mighty heroes across time and space, the invisible alien hunters from the movie saga Predator they run into a new, or rather, an old enemy: an 18th century Comanche warrior.

Predator: the preyprequel to Predatorcan be seen in the United States from Friday on the Hulu platform – and on Latin America by Star Plusand it’s surely the most unpredictable installment yet in the franchise, which first hit screens with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action classic in 1987.

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Since then, the bloodthirsty creatures have massacred humans in the Central American jungles, in Los Angeles and on distant planets, and have even faced the monsters of Alien in two movies.

The last installment is set centuries earlier, in 1719 North America, where the predator follows the trail of Comanche hunters, French fur trappers and buffalo.

The prequel’s director, Dan Trachtenberg, said at last month’s preview at San Diego Comic-Con that he was inspired to make the film because “Native Americans, especially Comanches, have often been relegated to playing the sidekick or the villain, and never the hero“.

During the 19th century, Comanches clashed with Europeans and other Native American peoples on the southern plains of what is now the United States, earning them a fearsome reputation.

Hollywood has mostly portrayed them as brutal enemies, as in John Ford’s classic western more heart than hate.

In the new installment, Amber Midthunder plays the heroine Naru, a young woman who must fight twice: against sexism within her own tribe and against the villain.

The decision by Disney-owned 20th Century Studios to “support a film like this, in which there is not only an action heroine, but an indigenous action heroine… it’s something I don’t remember ever seeing,” the actress said.

The prequel is set in “an actual time in history for us, which is not that far away, (when) I had ancestors who were out there doing cool stuff, you know?”

Predator: The Prey was shot in English, French and Comanche, But the Native American actors re-recorded their dialogue so that the entire film can be seen in Comanche, a first for a major studio film, according to producer Jhane Myers, herself a Comanche.

For Midthunder, the daily thought on the set was “not to let down the Comanches in the first place, but specifically the Indians.”

“And if that worked and we did pull it off, how cool would that be for us – to be able to watch a movie and feel represented and reflected in a way to be proud of,” he said. “Because that doesn’t happen often.”


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