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everything the trailer tells

The trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of the saga that started in 1999, and followers can already fantasize about what’s going to occur to Neo (Keanu reeves), Trinity (Carrie Anne-Moss) and the Matrix itself.

There are new characters, and others that aren’t (or seem youthful), as seen within the trailer.

The Matrix Resurrections It is going to be launched in theaters (and on HBO Max in america) for Christmas. In Argentina, it would accomplish that on Thursday, December 23.

Neo Returns, But Seems Like He Doesn'T Remember Anything.  Or If?  Photo Wb

Neo returns, however looks like he would not bear in mind something. Or if? Picture WB

The plot

Thomas Anderson, aka Neo, is speaking to his therapist (Neil Patrick Harris, from How I Meet Your Mom) in regards to the goals he had “that were not just dreams”, evidencing, maybe, that he has no reminiscences of what the Matrix is.

“Am I crazy?” Asks a bearded Neo.

Later he meets a girl in a bar (Trinity, that’s the actress Carrie-Anne Moss), and though they don’t bear in mind, it appears that evidently there was one thing between them … “Do we know each other?”, Asks Trinity, after giving the fingers.

Thomas is seen holding a bottle of blue tablets and questioning why everyone seems to be glued to his telephone in an elevator, earlier than assembly a person (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, from the latest Candyman) who provides him a selection. between a pink and a blue tablet. Select, after all, the pink one.

Morpheus And Neo, In A Dojo?  Morpheus Would Be Rejuvenated.  Neo, From What You See In The Trailer, No.  Photo Wb

Morpheus and Neo, in a dojo? Morpheus could be rejuvenated. Neo, from what you see within the trailer, no. Picture WB

As followers recall, it was the pink tablet that freed Neo, whereas the blue tablet would have comfortably saved him in his fabricated actuality.

Thus, Thomas sees The Matrix for the false actuality that it’s. He’s seen with powers, together with that of – apparently – controlling a missile by telekinesis, or stopping bullets.

With out Laurence Fishburne

Abdul-Mateen II performs a determine much like Morpheus, who within the saga performed Laurence Fishburne. For now, in a scene that takes place in a dojo, it appears that evidently Neo and a younger Morpheus combat in a duplicate of the unique movie.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen Ii, From The Recent &Quot;Candyman&Quot;, Would Be A Younger Morpheus.  Photo Wb

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, from the latest “Candyman”, could be a youthful Morpheus. Picture WB

Fishburne on multiple event requested himself, publicly, why he isn’t within the new Matrix.

And one other query, key: Who’s going to say to Neo “Mr. Anderson”, with the gradual tone and with a deep voice that Mr. Smith (Hugo Weaving) pronounced? Nicely, on the finish of the day that is Matrix, so something can occur …

One much less Wachowski

Lana Wachowski Lana (Ex Larry) Greets Her Presentation To The Public And The Press After Her Sex Change At The Toronto Film Festival In 2012. Photo Reuters

Lana Wachowski Lana (ex Larry) greets her presentation to the general public and the press after her intercourse change on the Toronto Movie Competition in 2012. Picture REUTERS

Lana Wachowsky, the director of The Matrix Resurrections, who was named Larry when he directed the primary three Matrix movies, appeared publicly as transgender within the Toronto Movie Competition presentation of Cloud Atlas (2012). “I felt a certain responsibility for LGBT people, and some people have asked me to show myself publicly. I knew that one day I would have to, and we had to negotiate when this would happen. With this film, which talks about how to transcend our fears and the limits of the ‘other’ in so many ways, it seemed quite natural to do it now, ”he mentioned then.

Years later, her sister Lilly Wachowski revealed, on March 8, 2016, Worldwide Ladies’s Day, that she was additionally transgender. She was beforehand generally known as Andy Wachowski. The Wachowski brothers, as they had been named, grew to become the Wachowski sisters.

The Before And After Of Larry Wachowski, The Director Of The &Quot;Matrix&Quot; Saga.  Photo Clarín Archive

The earlier than and after of Larry Wachowski, the director of the “Matrix” saga. Picture Clarín Archive

However Lily would not direct The Matrix Resurrections.

“Lana proposed to me the idea she had for another Matrix movie and we started talking, but it was at the same time of the death of our parents, five weeks of difference between one and the other death. And everything was to go back and retake something that already we had done, it didn’t appeal to me at all, “Lily mentioned on the time.

And he continued: “When I finished my transition I was exhausted: we had done Cloud Atlas, Jupiter’s fate and the first season of Sense8 followed without rest. They were more than 100 days of shooting for each project, which had coincided with my coming out of the closet, it was as if the world was coming down on me “.

Lots Of Action Is Seen In The First Trailer For &Quot;The Matrix Resurrections&Quot;.  Photo Wb

Plenty of motion is seen within the first trailer for “The Matrix Resurrections”. Picture WB

Nicely Lily shouldn’t be behind The Matrix Resurrections.

The teaser

Previous to this primary trailer, a teaser had been launched. It was extraordinarily ingenious, for the reason that viewer may select, to see it, between clicking on a pink or a blue tablet. The tablet chosen by the consumer and the time of day they use the web site decide which teaser movies may be seen.

Neo Walking Into The Void.  Photo Wb

Neo strolling into the void. Picture WB

It was reported that there are 180,000 attainable teaser variations on the positioning. What do you see in that first preview? Yahya Abdul-Matten II in a toilet, a motorbike chase sequence, Jonathan Groff’s character together with his mouth sealed (!) And even a picture of Neo’s assembly with Trinity.