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Everything is going to be fine, Diego Luna’s series to analyze the “current male”

Everything is going to be fine, Diego Luna's series to analyze the

Along with taking an X-ray of “the archaic institution” that’s marriage, the brand new sequence of Diego Luna, Every part can be tremendous, explores the complexities of “current male” and questions his viewers about their most deeply held beliefs.

“Marriage is an archaic institution and they sell it to us as the formula for happiness, to which we must aspire and it is not true, it is harmful that they instill it like this and it is great that he questions himself and more in a medium as well known as Netflix“, mentioned to EFE Lucia Uribe, protagonist of the story that premieres this Friday.

Julia and Ruy can’t get up from the nightmare, the promise to hold out a mutually agreed separation collapses earlier than their eyes when, sitting in a chilly workplace, an official questions them details about their daughter that they aren’t very effectively conscious of.

Diego Luna On The Set Of &Quot;Everything Will Be Fine.&Quot; Photo Netflix

Diego Luna on the set of “Everything will be fine.” Picture Netflix

Now they not solely need to cope with the top of their relationship, but in addition undergo the forms of a macho system and detached with the intention to dissolve what was presupposed to be a promise of everlasting love, their marriage.

The million greenback query

“Why is having a partner or getting married success? There are many forms of love, starting with self-love,” he wonders. Uribe, who performs Julia, and he hopes viewers will too.

Her character exhibits the dilemmas of immediately’s ladies who, being more and more conscious of machismo, face love relationships with these violent buildings. Julia is a younger mom, feminist and employee that he begins to search out the infantile attitudes of his companion insufferable, who was additionally accused of harassment and he can’t perceive why.

Flavio Medina And Isabella Vazquez In The Series That Premieres This Friday, August 20.  Netflix Photo

Flavio Medina and Isabella Vazquez within the sequence that premieres this Friday, August 20. Netflix picture

“Ruy is a complex character, he could have been stereotyped very easily as a old male, but he is a current male, and those are more complex because there is this lack of awareness, he cannot well identify the violence he exerts “, says Flavio Medina, his interpreter.

Giving life to Ruy made the actor understand the good accountability that males have immediately to rethink and overview their attitudes, however the complexity of his character is that, regardless of his defects, he has virtues, comparable to being a father Current and loving together with her gifted daughter, Andrea.

For the actor Pierre Louis, whose character Fausto may have an intimate relationship with Julia, an necessary subject that the sequence offers with is psychological well being.

In Addition To Taking An X-Ray Of &Quot;The Archaic Institution&Quot; That Is Marriage, The Series Questions Its Viewers About Their Most Deeply Rooted Beliefs.  Netflix Photo

Along with taking an X-ray of “the archaic institution” that’s marriage, the sequence questions its viewers about their most deeply rooted beliefs. Netflix picture

“It is important to talk about that. It is not that Ruy is a jerk and a villain, but that we are all conditioned by how we grew up and now with that awareness we can choose to discard parts of ourselves that we did not choose to be. I think the series invites for that to happen, “says Louis.

For its half, Mercedes Hernandez performs Idalia, a home employee who isn’t seen in fiction as an unbiased, trendy and self-sufficient girl with a developed story.

“I think some writers have no imagination and believe that there are people who only serve dishes and have no life. She is a contemporary woman but she also has a connection with her community, she has her own family but she is also part of Ruy and Julia’s family, “she says. However what she most admires about Idalia is her means to like with out ties, and it appears that evidently she is the one one within the sequence that does.

“I think that due to age he no longer has the idea of ​​romantic love. He lives in a free and happy way, I wish we could all live love with freedom. We are constantly imposing ways to love and that’s terrible, “says Hernández.

The sequence was filmed at one of many important moments of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and this was one of many challenges that the fiction created by Diego Luna with the manufacturing of The Gulf Stream and Netflix.

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