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“Everyone is a victim of jokes”

British comedian claimed that “It is to hurt the work of a comedian”, Thus said, one would think that the author of the sentence is always the provocateur Ricky Gervais. But no: Rowan Atkinson said, “Always clumsy?” Mister Bean.

Atkinson said in an interview, “It seems to me that a comedian’s job has the potential to offend, or offend, and that potential cannot be emptied.” Irish Timesaddressing the burning issue of “cancel culture”,

,Everyone is a victim of jokes. That is the definition of joke. It makes someone, something or an idea ridiculous,” Atkinson said while campaigning man vs. beeHis new series will premiere on Netflix on June 24.

For comedian Seth Rogen, the truth is that “some jokes don’t age well.” ap photo

“I think you have to be very careful about what you can make jokes about,” he continued. Do you always have to get up? Really? What if there is someone who is extremely arrogant, arrogant, aggressive, self-satisfied, who is below society? They are not all in Parliament or in the palace.”

And he concluded: “There are too many arrogant and self-satisfied people considered the least in society who deserve to be stopped. In a properly free society, you should be allowed to joke about anything.”,


Ricky Gervais laughs at the cancellation and is more wrong than ever on Netflix’s “Supernature.”

Atkinson isn’t the only comedian to speak out against the recently canceled culture. American jerrod carmichael Told Social phenomenon “invented” for political and financial purposes,

“If you make art and it creates some controversy or whatever… that’s exactly what it’s all about. But Speaking of cancellation, I think it’s meant to give bored people something interesting to talk about.Like a ghost villain,” he said.

Carmichael then shared, “The comedians who are crafting this self-made war, I get it. It’s good for ticket sales and it’s good to have a rival. But sometimes he gets irritable. It’s as if the kids are saying, ‘Why are you mad at me?’ A lot of it is self-made.”

and kevin hart too

Kevin Hart He also said that he personally “don’t give a shit” about canceling culture. “If someone has done something really harmful, then absolutely a result must be appliedHart said.

Comedian Kevin Hart was one of those people who came out to dispel his business and political inaccuracy.  ap photo

Comedian Kevin Hart was one of those people who came out to dispel his business and political inaccuracy. ap photo

“But when you suddenly find that in the face of some opinion, they get annoyed: ‘Someone said this…! We have to take them down!’ What are we talking about? It’s already too much”

for its part, Seth Roden Admitted that some jokes don’t add up to a “good age” in a 2021 interview, “To me, it’s not worth complaining that I see other comedians complaining.”

the day Mr Bean was killed

But going back to the beginning, the network was already a set scenario in 2017. To Rowan Atkinson: This was when the video went viral fake news of his death. On top of that, the false news was related to a cyber scam.

By clicking on the image, the user was redirected to a page showing a “security error” warning him that his computer was locked and he should call 0800…

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson has not died.  photo file clarin

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson has not died. photo file clarin

To make this call the user was asked to give up his credit card to buy new software, which was actually a complete process. To spread viruses on the Internet.


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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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