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Even with crutches in the bathroom!

Even with crutches in the bathroom!

What it takes to get into character is what Jared Leto knows.

during filming morbiusJared Leto reportedly used crutches even when he went to the bathroom during a filming break!

The comment was made by the film’s director Daniel Espinosa in an interview with the entertainment portal UPROXXdisclosing that “A deal was made” to speed up Leto’s longer trips to the bathroom.The production opted to carry him in a wheelchair so that he would still be in the position of his physically handicapped character.

Jared Leto in Morbius.

Jared Leto in Morbius.

Espinosa explains: “Because I like what Jared thinks, somehow, The pain of those antics, when he was playing the normal Michael Morbius, still needed him… In short, he has been feeling this pain all his life. However, since he is alive and strong, there must be a difference.”

And he continued: “Nothing new, man, it’s people’s process. All artists believe in processes. And you, as a director, support whatever you can.”


It’s true, nothing new: Leto has been known to be completely involved in each of his roles. “Looks like he stayed inside the character”said one of the assistants on the filming of house of gucci, the film by Ridley Scott, where he plays Paolo Gucci, a “tune” with multiple prostheses. and the same thing happened to him we crash (Apple TV+), as Adam Neumann, the Israeli founder of WeWork.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto’s impressive metamorphosis for “The House of Gucci.”

Two more examples, among many: on the set of blade runner 2049 Leto came to wear personal contact lenses go completely blind, Just as his villain Neander Wallace needed.

and during the filming of suicide squadRumors arose on set that Leto had sent several cast members “Disturbing little gifts” such as live mice, used condoms and anal beads.

“Let’s not exaggerate either,” Espinosa explained. “Almost all actors, in general, have their own reputation if you look at the method they use to find their characters.”

“If you want a totally normal person who only does what you understand, then you’re in the wrong business, man. Because it turns out What makes them work is precisely that they are different”.

Blackjack for “Morbius”

Received it despite the bad reviews morbius, Leto addressed the issue in a note. Hollywood Reporter. and he made it clear that he would prefer to do a “more sinister” version of Spider-Man: No Way Home And team up with other villains from the Spider-Man franchise.

In a scene from Leto "Morbius", his final release.

In a scene from Leto “Morbius”, his final release.

His desire is, in essence, in line with the intention of Sony, whose top executives have more than once considered turn into movie sister sixBased on the comics in which a team of iconic Spider-Man villains wreaks havoc.

“I mean, I’d love to be in it. I’d love to see it and we’ll see what happens in the future,” Leto said. “but I think A more sinister version of this wondrous multiverse would be so much fun, And what incredible talents go along with some of these iconic characters. this is amazing”.


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