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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Evaluna and Camilo: Was Indigo Born? Is a boy or a girl?

Rumors about the birth of indigowhose gender their parents Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry decided not to officially announce until the timing of delivery is a mystery.

Excited fans are asking via social media if the singers have Indigo in their arms yet, and we know it.

This Wednesday the news about the began to circulate birth of a girl everyone already knows as Indigo. But the family still doesn’t confirm it. Ricardo Montaner, the grandfather, said on his Twitter:

He also said: “Today we won’t sleep at home”, increasing tension.

But after a few hours, the media repeated themselves by assuring this it’s a fact.

The silence may be due to the fact that as such public figures and in such a private moment, they prefer to wait for the parents to present the expected baby. The family explained that Indigo would be born in a natural birth at home.

Since October 2021, Venezuelan Evaluna and Colombian Camilo announced their pregnancy shortly after their wedding. They composed and released the song indigo and they said that regardless of gender, this would be the name of their son or daughter at birth.

Reference from lanoticia

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