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Eugenio Derbez will support comedians

Eugenio Derbez will support comedians

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .— Eugenio Derbez is motivated by the affection and friendship of his colleagues, as the Mexican producer says, who says he works hard to train new comedians to represent the country.

“I don’t feel like a teacher because with every project I feel like I don’t know anything, I still have a lot to learn. I love nurturing new talent and believe that if we shake hands with them, we can produce a great generation of comedians in Mexico, ”he said as he walked the blue carpet of the third season of his series“ LOL: Last One Laughing. “

One of his next projects, he explained, is to make television shows and films with young talent that he found through social networks and whom he affectionately calls “children”.

But Derbez is sincere when he says it’s not that easy to convince when it comes to comedy because his career in this field has made him more critical when he checks what is rampant on social networks.

“I like all kinds of comedies, one more than the other, but I have to admit that all of a sudden I see a lot of Tik Tok capsules in which the joke is very simple and has no punch line. I’m of the old guard and I think you have to tell a good joke with a bang and make people laugh, ”he said.


Derbez sincerely says that all projects he undertakes are wholly guided from his heart.

“I always try to be innovative in my career, I don’t do it for money, I always look for projects that make me fall in love, that make a difference,” he admitted.

This has given him good results, only in 2020 he won a Daytime Emmy for Best Entertainment Program in Spanish for “LOL: Last One Standing” and now, with the intention of raising the bar, the comedian returns with this franchise back on December 10 from Amazon Prime Video.

The format is repeated, but improved, according to the actor, as the challenges faced by the ten popular comedians who competed to win an amount of money were more dynamic while capturing the laughter.

“After the award, I have a lot of responsibility to make a quality product, so we’ve made a lot of improvements to the format to make it more fun and dynamic. It’s by far the best season we’ve ever done, ”said the Mexican comedian.

On Amazon

Derbez has two successful projects on the Amazon platform (“On a journey with Derbez”), he is working with Netflix with “Lotería” on a film that goes back to Mexican roots and he presented his series “Acapulco” on Apple TV + .

“I like diversity, I’ve worked for Televisa for many years and they haven’t let you go, except in the corner. Now I have the freedom to open myself to all platforms and I like it because each of them has its own style and rules, I feel like a kid in a toy store, ”concluded the actor and producer.

just look

He’s busy

Eugenio Derbez also spoke of his concern for the health of Carmen Salinas, a colleague and friend he loves very much, the actor said.

“Mother and son”

The friendship between the two artists was further strengthened by working together on a film in which Carmen Salinas plays Eugenio’s mother

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