Home Entertainment Eugenio Derbez urges Mexican governor to do justice

Eugenio Derbez urges Mexican governor to do justice

Eugenio Derbez urges Mexican governor to do justice

eugenio derbez ruled the video that circulates on the social network of the barbaric case in which eight people, members A family killed a dog tied to the roof of their house.

The actor and producer requested through their social networks That the authorities do justice to such animal cruelty cases.

call and encourage the governor of mexico

what’s more, Called on the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, to impose the full weight of the law on the Martinez family Who lives in Talnepantala Municipality.

as reported megamedia group on their various platforms, those people He showed no remorse by brutally killing a small animal., while being videotaped by a neighbor who confronted him.

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they killed the dog with sticks

The incidents in which eight people intervened, Happened on 25 July.

In the images that circulate on social networks you can see how Martinez family members armed with sticks and boards beat up dog until the cause of death.

punished animal abuse

Faced with this unacceptable state of cruelty, Eugenio Derbez highlighted in his video message that “once again we look at the matter andAnimal abuse cases, but very few reach legal process which ends in the application of the law against the attackers”.

This act cannot be spared, And not only because the law should be enforced, but because violence should not be allowed to any extent,” he added, according to Vox Populi Noticias.

“One who is violent with a beast, who is soon able to kill a poor defenseless animal, who is soon tied up” Will do the same thing with humans. This is completely proven”, Eugenio insisted.

Officials said that the personnel of Talnepantla Regional Prosecutor’s Office visited the family home and inspected, He found all the objects and others with blood stains that would serve as evidence. About killing the puppy.