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Eugenio Derbez reappears on networks and narrates his accident; “the pain was unbearable”

On August 29, Eugenio Derbez suffered a spectacular accident while he was playing a virtual reality video game in the company of his son, who took him to the hospital.

After some reports, news and speculation about his health, finally this Sunday, September 18, the actor and comedian made an Instagram Live where he revealed some details of the accident, which he described as “the strongest pain of his life”.

Verónica Castro, concerned about the health of Eugenio Derbez: “After an accident, life is different”

“The last few months I did not set foot in my house and despite the fact that I was very happy for everything that has happened to me, CODA, the Oscar and three series. I was very happy, but I felt a little suffocated, I felt like in jail because I didn’t I had no life or days off. This accident happened because of that, it was my soul asking to stop.”

“Missing a day to return to my house, this happened. The previous month I was doing very risky things because I love adrenaline. I was with my son in a river of crocodiles and nothing happened to me.”

It was in the company of his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, that the comedian made this video in which he could be seen in a very good mood, lying on his bed.

Derbez explained that the accident occurred while he was playing with a virtual reality headset, which made him lose track of his surroundings, causing him to fall heavily.

“My son told me to play a virtual reality game, I put on the headset and I was in a multi-story building. I was standing on a small board, I tripped over something and the minute I took a step off that little board. What I saw in the game did not coincide with what was around me, I moved my feet and came upon some steps; he hits my elbow first, pushing into the bone causing it to break. In the hospitals they told me that many people arrive injured by these games.

Likewise, the also Oscar winner showed an image of an X-ray of his arm showing the severity of the injury. He remembered that on that day he couldn’t stand the pain and that the doctors told him that his operation was very dangerous.

Eugenio Derbez

“I said let’s go to the hospital quickly, I started screaming because I couldn’t stand it and they decided to anesthetize me. The doctor told me that they couldn’t operate on me because I had suffered five large fractures and 10 small ones.”

During the broadcast of this live video, the comedian received many messages of support and love, encouraging him and praying for a speedy recovery.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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