Eugenio Derbez not only won the Oscar, but also put pressure on the most important night of his career: INTERVIEW

Eugenio Derbez not only won the Oscar, but also put pressure on the most important night of his career: INTERVIEW

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Eugenio Derbez is the only Mexican actor, along with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, to have been part of an Oscar-winning film for best picture. Eugenio achieved it with CODA when he took the stage at the last edition of the Academy Awards to accept the award, but as an Oscar winner and one of today’s most visible Mexican and Latin American stars, it has increased the pressure on Derbez’s private life and Profession. They revitalize Chespirito with artificial intelligence, that’s the project with Eugenio Derbez

But it all started like a dream in the living room of his house. Eugenio remembers the nights of his childhood: sitting with his mother and watching the Oscars together. That was the first thing that went through his mind when he took the stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and blew a heavenly kiss to his mother, actress Silvia Derbez (1932-2002). How much example and how much representation would they mean for Latino girls and boys if, as he did decades ago, they saw the ceremony with his family? He asked himself this on one of the most beautiful nights of his life:

I think it was one of the best nights of my life and the most important night of my career. Ever since I was a kid, since I was 7, 8 years old, I sat down with my mother to see the Oscars, I fell in love with cinema from a young age and dreamed of going there one day. I didn’t even know how but I told my mom I want to do this, tell stories, direct, act, I want to go there and I didn’t even know what the Oscars really were but I wanted to be there Eugenio Derbez in one Interview for La News. Derbez says that’s what went through his mind as soon as he took the stage. I told myself how many kids like me must be on the other side of the screen maybe watching this ceremony and thinking the same thing. It took me on a trip down memory lane, so I kissed my mom to heaven because I remembered all the years we sat together thousands of miles away from Mexico for this ceremony to see. Eugenio Derbez, Mexican actor. Having said that, having so many limelights after taking part in the Oscar-winning film isn’t easy either, actor Eugenio Derbez admits that not only his career but also his personal life are being analyzed in more and more detail, which increases the pressure. This has made him pay attention to what he says, think twice about what he posts on social networks, joke less and choose carefully the projects he undertakes. I’m already lazy, because whatever it is, even if I say ‘help the poor children’, the world is crashing down on me anyway (…), but I think it’s part of the same thing, every time, when you take a step in your career comes another responsibility.” Eugenio Derbez So be careful about where you appear and what band you’re going to be in “so as not to go back.” Derbez is about to host The Valet on May 20 via Hulu release and believes this project will be a success after the drama he portrayed in CODA.

I think I’ve picked the best options so far and I think this one fits me like a glove after making a drama, making such a beautiful comedy. On Hulu’s The Valet, Derbez shared a camera with Carmen Salinas, who she realizes was acting like a mother, not only because of her role as Antonio, but because of himself. Despite years of acquaintance and the fact that Salinas was Silvia Derbez’s partner, this was the first time Eugenio shared a camera with the Mexican actress, who passed away last December. Hulu: They show the first photos of Carmen Salinas latest project It makes me very sad that I couldn’t see it finished (…) For me it was like my mother, she even took care of me a lot, she took care of me. We developed a very nice friendship in these two months that we were together. It really makes me very sad what happened, 4 months after finishing the film it was a very hard blow. Eugenio Derbez on sharing a camera with Carmen Salinas, Eugenio appreciates this project also starring with actress Samara Weaving. It’s a comedy with a lot of quality, a lot of class, it’s very funny, but it has a big heart and a great message, especially for Latinos living in the US. The Valet premieres May 20 in the United States on Hulu and in Latin America on Star+.

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