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Eugenio Derbez, in recovery after surgery; “He is still sedated,” reveals a statement

Eugenio Derbez He has received many congratulations this Friday for his 61st birthday, but the Mexican actor and comedian has not been able to see them because he remains sedated after the surgery he underwent after suffering a shoulder accident.

In a statement that was shared on the famous social networks, his team reported: “On behalf of Eugenio, we appreciate all the congratulations on his birthday. He is still recovering from surgery”.

Alessandra Rosaldo sings the mornings to Eugenio Derbez by video call from the 90’s Pop Tour

At this time he is still sedated, but little by little, as it evolves, you will be able to read your messages”, added the text.

Finally, the statement thanked “for all your good wishes and we are sure that all that energy will help in your speedy recovery.”

Eugenio Derbez accident

The host of MULTIMEDIA Television, Maria Luisa Valdes Doria, He reported that Eugenio Derbez injured his shoulderwhich was broken into several ‘pieces’ while playing a video game.

“It was not a traffic accident. The statement says that there were delicate injuries, in the next few hours he will have to be operated on, the operation is complicated but it is for the same reason as the shoulder, it does not compromise his health, ”he said.

Eugenio’s shoulder probably has to be replaced: Alessandra Rosaldo

In an interview for Multimedios, Alessandra Rosaldo spoke about the comedian’s state of health, who presented several fractures as a result of his accident.

“It was a long evaluation, very complicated, because there were many fractures, because the right shoulder probably has to be replaced,” he said.

“I imagine how much has been speculated, I understand, but I was not filming and I will not share a detail of what really happened until he really wants to share it… but filming was not,” he explained.


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