Home Entertainment Eugenio Derbez confirms that Sammy’s girlfriend did leave him

Eugenio Derbez confirms that Sammy’s girlfriend did leave him

Novia de Sammy

“He disappeared”, were the words that the actor and producer who assured that Sammy’s girlfriend, who eloped.

MEXICO CITY.— The deceased’s nephews Sammy perez made known the disappearance of Zuleika Garza, girlfriend and fiancee of the comedian. The woman sparked controversy after Danny Pérez, the humorist’s nephew, left Colima, where Sammy was hospitalized.

Pérez’s nephew said that the woman did not go to the hospital because she also fell ill with Covid-19 and was isolated, but apparently it would be a lie, because after several days of absence she informed them that she would not return.

This controversy unleashed the anger of Sammy’s friends, who have said indignant with the woman for abandoning the supposed “love of her life” in this way. For his part. Eugenio Derbez confirmed the “disappearance” of Zuleika and how is it that he left to his fate too actor.

Eugenio Derbez Confirms That Sammy'S Girlfriend Did Leave Him - Light Home News
Sammy’s girlfriend disappeared after admitting him to a hospital in Colima

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“Gave it up”

In an interview with “Venga la Alegría”, the producer also confirmed that the actor’s girlfriend abandoned him at the hospital in Colima.

“That’s how it is, the supposed girlfriend admitted him and left him, then when he saw that there was to pay it dissapeared, We do not know where he is, but he disappeared, indeed, “Derbez confessed.

Eugenio also defended himself again from the attacks in which he pointed out that he did not provide help to Sammy Pérez, this being an elementary part in several of his comedy programs. The comedian also clarified that at all times he was close to sammy and even assured that “it helped him more than his own family.”

I helped him until the last day, more than his own family And I was with him, well, I was not physically with him because I couldn’t, but I was on the phone throughout the process of the hospital, of collecting the body, of the cremation. I was in contact with his nephew all the time, ”said the actor in an interview with the morning TV Azteca.

The protagonist of ‘No refunds accepted’ said he was satisfied with the help he gave his friend and his family to whom he asked for discretion.

“He was not only a co-worker but a great friend. I am calm with what I did with him and what I did for him. His family will be able to tell you, I myself asked them that there was no need to say anything to the press, “the actor also emphasized.

Eugenio Derbez also confirmed that Sammy’s family is concerned about the “disappearance” of the bride of the comedian, Well, it is the only one that has access to the accounts of the deceased.

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Miguel Luis explodes against Sammy’s girlfriend

Comedian’s Companion Sammy Pérez, Miguel Luis, too criticized his friend’s girlfriend, Zuleika Garza. In an interview with TV Notes, the actor also indicated that did not approve of the relationship of your friend with Zuleika.

He further noted that I did not know if she took the money from him to Sammy, well though Pérez did not have much income, he did have enough to live on.

“That woman was of no use to him. She just went with her to Colima to take her life,” Sammy’s partner said sadly, adding that the best thing is that his friend did not marry Zuleika.

Eugenio Derbez Confirms That Sammy'S Girlfriend Did Leave Him - Light Home News

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