Home Entertainment Espinoza Paz is back: He composes for “La Desalmada”

Espinoza Paz is back: He composes for “La Desalmada”

Espinoza Paz is back: He composes for

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- Espinoza Paz, who returned to Mexico after succeeding in Colombia and giving success to other artists, says, “I don’t suffer because of what I don’t have.”

“As soon as I was very present it was great, now that I am not so much it has also been great, because to enjoy and enjoy what is available”, responds the singer, who returns to Mexican television. With more music.

In 2008, Isidro Chávez Espinoza became the artist of the day when he premiered the song “Next Friday” as an independent artist. The song became so popular that artists like Thalia covered it in various genres and it reached international charts such as Billboard.

The musical success he experienced led him to open television as the “coach” of the first season of “La Voz México”, in which he won public affection for his charisma with artists such as Lucero and Alejandro Sanz. . Although Espinoza did not retire from music, he spent most of his time composing and producing for other artists and later focused on social media with traditional Mexican music, with which he opened a loyal market in Colombia.

It has now been the telenovela “La Desalmada”, broadcast by Las Estrellas, that has returned the singer to the public eye and to Mexican television, as she has a minor role, in addition to writing the main theme, “My Revenge”. in the history.

“This is the first time I’m making music for a soap opera and it’s so special, it was a different approach and it was a really beautiful challenge,” says the singer.

When Espinoza was called upon to write the main theme for the soap opera starring Livia Brito, the singer thought it was not serious.

“I thought it wasn’t true, so I told him I wanted to meet him in person,” he recalls.

Paz met with Jose Alberto “El Guerro” Castro and confirmed that the project was serious, but he never thought it would work as well.

“When we finished the meeting, Claudia Castillo said to me, ‘You made ‘Guerro’ laugh a lot, he had a lot of fun with you, he even asked me if you didn’t act, do you dare to go out in some Do scenes if he proposes it?’ And I said, ‘Yes, of course’.

His character names him, Espinoza, and follows the success story of a young man who wants to leave his city and become famous with his music, a situation that Paz (1981, Angostura, Sinaloa) experiences. corresponds to.

“I’m from a small town, there people told me I was crazy, that it was very difficult to get out there and achieve something in life, and I can say that it was, but it turned out to be true in the end. “

true to style

Espinoza Paz is responsible for many hits by singers such as El Babeto and La Addictiva. Behind the number and fame of these artists lies in being the composer and producer of some of his songs. Paz, who remains “true to his style” and to his taste, “hopes to be able to sing in Mexico soon.”