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Ernesto D’Alessio confirms marital crisis with Charito Ruiz; do not rule out infidelity

in the last hours Ernest D’Alessio with his wife Charito Ruiz have occupied the first places in trends and the main internet browsers after an entertainment magazine stated that the singer was unfaithful the mother of his four children.

Given this, the rumors about a possible divorce increased, so The couple issued a statement through social networks which clarified the marital situation they face.

It was through Charito’s Instagram account that the couple spoke. First, they confirmed that are in the midst of a crisis although they detailed that they face it together and were optimistic in assuring that they will come out of it.

On the other hand, they asked their followers and society in general not to attack them. In addition, although they did not clarify if the rumors about infidelity are true, they limited themselves to stating that the two are the only ones who know the truth.

Finally, in that statement, Charito said he was aware that this will not satisfy the morbidity of some, however, he asked for kindness.

This is the relationship between Ernesto D’Alessio and Charito Ruiz

The couple met in 2006 after a concert by the singer; both coincided in a restaurant owned by Charito’s family.

They exchanged numbers so as not to lose contact. In 2007 they got married in Monterrey, New Lion. The wedding was attended by 500 people.

Both of them they have fathered four childrenof which three are in common, although since 2018, Jorge, the eldest and son of Charito, also legally became the son of Ernesto by giving him his last name.

Who is Charito Ruiz?

Charito Ruiz is a Mexican star of social networks. Nationally recognized for her Instagram account: CharitoDalessio. Her popularity was gained thanks to her modeling and lifestyle photos of her.

It currently has more than 390 thousand followers. She is constantly seen in public with her husband.



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