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Ernesto D’Alessio and his wife Charito are going through a marital crisis

After 15 years of relationship, the marriage of Ernest D’Alessio and his wife rosary beads Charito Ruiz seems to be in danger. Given the rumors of a possible separation, Charito clarified what was happening and confirmed that they were obviously not at their best.

“Reply to rumors about our relationship: We are a married couple that is indeed facing a crisis, BUT TOGETHER, and I know we will get through this,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I think that at times like this, instead of attacking and pointing, support among women should be stronger. It is not necessary to invent versions that can do more damage,” she added.

“The truth that Ernesto and I know is more than enough. It is not necessary to speculate about why we continue to fight for our marriage. It is very sad to know that far from supporting each other among women because I am not the only one who has experienced something like this, are looking for alternate versions without thinking about the damage they can cause not to me or my husband, but to my children,” said the influencer.

“I understand that nothing I say will satisfy the morbidity of some people, but even so I want to go to the goodness that deep down we all have and wholeheartedly ask for empathy and privacy on this issue since it is a difficult time for us,” he said.

D’Alessio and Charito have formed one of the strongest and most united marriages in the world of entertainment, and have managed to stay afloat in all these years in the company of their children.

On more than one occasion, the Mexican actor and singer has said how important his wife is in his life. “My wife, my beloved, my girl, my pillar, wise woman,” he said on the occasion of his companion’s last birthday. “Every morning opening my eyes and seeing her by my side lights up my life.”

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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