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Erin Andrews reacts to Disney+ move to ‘DWTS’ after being cut from show (exclusive)

Erin Andrews is sharing how she feels dancing with the Stars Moving from ABC to Disney+. ET spoke to the Fox Sports anchor about the show’s big move and what she thinks about how the show has shaken things up since she was cut from the show ahead of Season 29.

“I’ve clearly seen this from all the dancers who posted this, so I hope they’re doing fine and they’re excited about it,” Long DWTS Shared co-hosts. “That’s where my love and my dedication lies, those people are. So, as long as they’re all good.”

Andrews reveals she was actually due to catch up with her ex DWTS co-host, Tom Bergeron, when news broke that Tom Brady would be joining Andrews on Fox Sports as principal NFL analyst after officially retiring.

“I’m really disappointed because the day I had to have lunch with Tom Bergeron, Tom Brady was announced and I had to go to Fox,” she shared. “Tom ruined my Tom’s lunch. And actually, Tom Bergeron is from New England, so, I was like, ‘I never thought I’d say this to you, but Tom Brady ruined the lunch Gave, therefore, from one tom to another, I’ll have to meet you soon.'”

Andrews continued, “But I miss that man dearly, Tom Bergeron, and I look forward to seeing him soon… he’s the best.”

Erin Andrews
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Andrews joined DWTS Host Tom Bergeron as co-host in 2014, and they worked together through Season 28. Bergeron – who has hosted the show since its debut – announced in July 2020 that he would be let go of the series. Andrews’ departure was announced shortly after.

A few days later, it was revealed that Tyra Banks had joined as the new host and executive producer.

According to Andrews, the news of her termination came as a surprise and it shook her.

“I didn’t have much time to deal with it,” revealed Andrews, who explained that she got the news while on the green with her husband, Jarrett Stoll.

“I got a call that said, ‘So-and-so wants to talk to you from ABC,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, s**t, that’s it,'” Andrews recalled. “I felt sorry for myself.”

Andrews said the termination was even more frightening amid the coronavirus pandemic when people did not know when live TV would resume, and the work was harder than ever.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m a loser, this is really bad,'” she shared. “It was a super big bummer.”

In September 2020, Andrews appeared Token CEO podcast Where she admitted that despite how difficult it was for her to learn from the long-running reality competition series, her love for TV and being in the place she hoped would keep on-air opportunities for her future.

“I really enjoyed being in that place and I think I’m someone who, as much as I love sports, I’m a fan of a lot of things, [including] reality TV. I’m just a fan of TV,” Andrews said.

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