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Erika Buenfil finally confirms that her son has already met his father

  • Erika Buenfil opens her heart and remembers how hard her pregnancy was.
  • The actress confirms that her son Nicolás has already met his father.
  • Ensures that communication between the two is not frequent.

Nicholas son Erika Buenfil. Erika Buenfil is one of the most beloved actresses in the entertainment world and even more so now that she has also become an influencer. But that does not exempt her from being surrounded by several controversies, one of them is about the relationship she had with the father of her son Nicolás, the former president of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo Jr.

One of the topics that has been very famous in different media has been about Erika Buenfil’s son, since many doubts arose about him, so in an interview he had with the member of Pandora, Isabel Lascurain, he revealed details that he never She had shared about the moment she found out she was pregnant and Nicolás’s frequent questions.

Dear actress of Televisa opens her heart and is sincere

Nicholas son Erika Buenfil

It was through her official YouTube channel that the singer and also host shared an extensive interview she had with the protagonist of “True Loves” where several details came to light, but the one that was most relevant was the moment her son Nicholas met his father for the first time, it is about.

The topic immediately began to echo on social networks, as many of the actress’s faithful followers are aware of everything that happens in her life, and the issue that Nicolás has already had contact with his father for many was of great pleasure, since they assure that it is a thousand times better not to hide anything from the children. Filed under: Nicolás son Erika Buenfil.

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